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Iain Behr

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Out Of Place, Out Of Time.

List Of Works.

Lost In The Aether.

Stellar Parallex.

Gothic Encounter.

Angle Of Reflection.


Alien Landscapes.


Climbing Up The Mountains Of Madness.

Byzantium Falls.

Smashed Icons.

Original Sin.

Faraday's Cage.

Sacred Space.

Menacing Unknown Species Evolve.

Malevolent Utterings, Sinister Enchantments.

Mania Uncovers Secrets Encoded.

Faff Bags At Dawn.

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Faff Bags At Dawn.


sff :LOL: :LOL:


Mysterious Winds.... that killed me too. :D


i like the idea of




but then, is that concept really "muse-ian" ? maybe not so much.


Deus ex machina ...


has anyone said Rationality Theorem? (hmmm...future band name....) Epistemic Bias ...

back to the funnies! :D


bananas, beer and brie

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