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  1. I think I've figured it out... The 'Alternate Reality' / alternative version of the album is the real-life way Muse would have 'traditionally' recorded their material, ie big orchestras, gospel choirs, etc. Tracks 1 to 11 is actually the simulation of those alternate tracks! Muse may have given us one album, but we can experience it in two different dimensions: As a simulation or as "reality".
  2. Spike Milligan said that it was humour that helped win the war. So I figured (somehow it'll tie up) that we could all make up Muse jokes...you know...something different. I can't think of anything good, but here are some examples: Q: How many Matt Bellamy's does it take to change a lightbulb? A: None. Because Darkshines! Q: What did Muse become when they were offered a dodgy contract? A: Knights of Doncynia (don't sign here) Ok, ok...I know these are lame, but you all will surely think of some side-splitters. Go!
  3. Invincible is really good, and has anyone noticed that the second track of all the Muse albums are quite 'poppy' and less 'heavy' (Musey)? I think it's good producing (as a music producer myself), because it really works. The first song sets the stage for the album, the second song (the poppy one) gives you a sense of trust of reassurance that you can be friends with this album, etc. It's all good.
  4. If Muse were to let us suggest names for the new album, what would you suggest? My suggestions would be something like: 'Andromeda File 001' 'The Adamski Review' 'As Far as the Eye'
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