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    I'd rather waste my life with something else, thank-you
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    Bulgaria, duh.
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    Drawing (yeah, congradulations for noticing that), music (piano+singing), volley
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    Some of us are interest in single arstists too you know..
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    Dancer in the dark (one is more than enough, they are far too much)
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    Æon Flux, Spongebob squarepants (back in the good old Mtv Liquid television times) + ANY music channel
  • Favourite Books
    Do androids dream of electric sheep?
    American psycho
    + anything by Neil Gaiman
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    NONE, got a problem with that?
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    Winter of 2024. Then MUSE are gonna be fat and bald already and are gonna think "We're fat and bald enough to go to Bulgaria!"
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  2. Do you want to join the Matt Red Hair group?

  3. Where the heck are you, stefko?!

    Your fangirl is driving insane now!

  4. misssss youuuuuuuuu :supersad:

  5. Opps, I'm so sorry my stefko. Got reallybusy these past few weeks. Only got time to read post but not to write them :p Hehe.... cause my 2 days off got splited up so didn't have much time to come around the computer. Okay to answer your question(sorry, I thought I told you in the last reply. Looks like I missed out. :p) Obviously it start of with Dom and then the drummer from Paramore, Shahnon Leto and finally the guy you don't know know is the drummer from the group Melee. He is quite cute :D Haha XP

    I'm okay about 30STM. I do love their singles but didn't really do much research about the band. So I guess can't really call myself a fan. :embarrased:


    Lol.... I think once we hit 16, our free time is getting shorter and shorter :erm: Life of humans. Unless you are some billionaire and even them have to work their ass off for a few months :erm::D

    Talk to you some other time. Keep in touch Ste :happy::kiss:

  6. why arent you replying to me :(

  7. haha, i have your address too ya know :LOL:

    i'll make sure to drop by if i ever visit malaysia ;)

    btw at least i'll have enough time when school's over :) that's in two months :LOL:

    tho i will be working then... gah, i have no free time for months ahead! :LOL:

    you still haven't told me who are those guys in your signature :p and i guessed 2 and a half of them :LOL:

    btw, since you have shannon leto in your sig, does that mean you like 30 seconds to mars? cuz they have an upcoming album and tour like muse ^^

    anywho, speak to ya later :)

  8. Haha.... Yay! Can talk to you for hours... on nonesense :rolleyes::p Haha... I miss talking to you so much. When you say you might have more time in the future so see you around, for a second I thought you are coming to Malaysia. :p Hehe..... It would be nice to see you btw. But since now I have your address, I can go and stalk your house when I go to Bulgaria XP haha

  9. been missing you too jo :(

    a lot of things to do, barely any time to actually sit on my B-U-double T :(

    that's why i dont come here anymore... well, i do come once in a fortnight or so, but i dont have time for posting..

    anyway, hope you're doing okay, i haven't received your letter yet, maybe it just got lost

    i may have some free time in the near future, so hope to see ya then :)

  10. Ste!!! YAy!!!! You are around. I thought you went missing already. Awww..... I miss ya so much. How are you and how have you been doing? ^^ Still haven't receive any letters yet? You don't know how much I miss you Xp haha As for me, been working and so far no Muse coming into my working place yet :p haha :LOL:

  11. hey jo, long time no see :p

    how's things? :)

    and who are those people in your signature :LOL: i recognise dom, shannon leto and the paramore guy, clueless for the last one tho xD

  12. You're the one who made that In Your Eyes video about Matt,right?

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