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  1. but yeah, i've read the books and they are horribly written with page long accounts of how a character folded her laundry, cooked dinner for charlie, brushed her teeth for the eighth time that day, and then stuffed a granola bar into her mouth (even she seems to get annoyed at the amount of bullshit in her head). that said, the sexual tension is..very addictive. movies are still shit.
  2. Hello there hope life is good.

  3. hmm it kinda reminds me of depeche mode a little. it makes me feel dirty, but in a good way anyway, it shits all over that united states bullshit song. at least i didn't nearly piss my pants laughing AT this song like i did with the other one.
  4. The close up of that chick during New Born. L O L at her. But honestly, the editing in New Born is great And Matts slide haha.
  5. If they called their next album 'GALACTIC CANNIBALISM' I would probably die of laughter haha. Not being mean or anything, but you know...its kinda shit
  6. How would one go about obtaining a Setlist afterward? Just yell out GIVE IT TO ME NOOOOOW!!! Is all I can think of
  7. Thank you! And Mick Jagger eh! Should warm the crowd up nicely then.
  8. Out of curiosity, how was the support?? I don't care for support at all, but...were they at least half decent? And congrats on the amaaazing setlist...I hope auckland gets something similar
  9. I think it's more split dead even; you either love it or hate it. Half love it, half hate it with a burning passion. So not underrated or overrated.
  10. They're quite odd. Cool, but odd. I'd feel a bit strange walking round in a pair of them to be honest, especially the ones with thier faces on it. I mean having them staring at you all day long....I do like the OoS ones though
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