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Your top B-Sides

Me Rug I Sty

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I'm not including Dead Star and In Your World as b-sides because they never were b-sides. It was a Double A-Side single release with music videos. :rolleyes:


For me


1. Futurism

2. Fury

3. Shrinking Universe

4. Eternally Missed

5. Glorious


Just missing out is Shine (Electric) I love that song.

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I hate to break it, but Dead Star and In Your World are not B-Sides, they are singles, aka, A-Sides.

According to iTunes, these are mine...


1) Fury

2) The Groove

3) Can't Take My Eyes Off You (don't ask)

4) Glorious

5) Pink Ego Box

Narrowly missing out

6) Assassin [Grand Omega Bosses Edit]

7) Coma

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