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  1. Newborn into and when the guitar kicks in. KOC - Basically everything, from start to finsh CE ending Clapping in Starlight UD chorus SPREAD OUR CODES TO THE STARS!!!!! When Matt starts singing in redemption The Small Print riff Fury- and we'll pray that there's no god.... Crying Shame intro I WISH I COULD!!!!!! + riff Showbiz's climax Trumpet in COD Humming in Blackout The lyrics to take a bow Why cant you see, that when we bleed we bleed the same..... DESTROY DEMONACRACY I think that's about it.
  2. Knights of Cydonia Hysteria Uprising New Born SMBH Fury MOTP Hyper Music MK Ultra Muscle Museum Easily Bliss House of the Rising Sun + TIRO Citizen Erased Apocalypse Please Butterflies and Hurricanes Starlight Escape Invincible Unintended Blackout Exogenisis parts 1, 2 and 3 Showbiz The Small Print Plug In Baby Stockholm Syndrome
  3. Do you mean overrated by Muse fans or by the general public?
  4. Yes its not one of their best, but it makes me feel upbeat
  5. Hmmmm......I dont think I've seen many of your posts that aren't about SS.
  6. Yeah good riff and verses, but I dont like the chorus. Fury is just plain badass, would have worked on Absolution so well.
  7. Â I dont think other people's opinions are wrong, otherwise they aren't opinions. My opinion is that it is overrated/ underrated. (cant even make up my mind anymore)
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