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  1. So the weather for the Saturday is looking pretty bad in Mancland. I’m beginning to wonder just how bad it would need to be for them to call it off on the grounds of either health and safety or damaging equipment. Does the Etihad Stadium’s roof close?
  2. I don't get all the Big Freeze hate, but as I said in another thread, I've had limited exposure to U2 so I'm not as aware of the similarities as some of you will be. I think Save Me is meandering nonsense, so I voted for it. At least Matt sounds like he gives a fuck about the subject he's singing about on Big Freeze. on Save Me, Chris sounds like a man bored to tears. Sorry big W. To your credit, you seem an absolute gent in interviews!
  3. Origin, Absolution, Bh&R, The Resistance, The 2nd Law, Showbiz. Showbiz will forever be last because The Bends is a thing. Flame on!
  4. There you go. Also in the Muse humour section of the board or whatever it's called there was a meme with a picture of Matt that said "Don't bother making an effort, they will love you anyway", which I did have a chuckle at. I'll give you that two examples probably don't constitute 'a lot', but I think it's fair to say some people feel this way. Personally I think (although I don't hate it) doing stuff like Resistance is lazier for Muse, because it's the same type radio rock they've been doing since the year dot that they can probably churn out in their sleep by now.
  5. Better than Survival, which is a self-deprecating abortion. Like the melody, the atmosphere and the gloriously eighties crescendo. It's lyrically very average, but Muse have always been hit and miss in that respect. A far cry from what initially attracted me to Muse all those years ago, but it's a fair single. A lot of people on here are accusing the band of going down this poppy route because they're getting lazy, but I actually think Madness sounds like it's had a lot of love, time and attention lavished on it. Maybe this is genuinely the kind of music they want to make now. It won't get mainstream radio play no matter how much it wants to, though.
  6. The fact that this sounds exactly like the cut and paste jobs that have been doing the rounds on YouTube ever since the original trailer dropped is disappointing. I think it's alright, but the second half of the track where you've got Matt's 'ooh's and ahh's', the violin and the dubstep all going on at once sounds a bit too busy and confused, like it's made up of a patchwork of prerecorded samples. As somebody has already said, it's a lot better if you don't watch the footage. I think what Isolated System sounds like will define Unsustainable. If this flows effectively into Isolated System, and that track is awesome, I'll like it a lot more. Otherwise, I'll stick to Apocalypse Please for my fix of doomsday mongering, symphonic rock. I think it will be played live with some backing tracks. They've been giving the dubstep live scene very high praise in the press, and seem pretty proud of the fact they've managed to make something similar with real instruments.
  7. Is there any way I can verify this? The internet doesn't seem to think an iframe on an unsecured HTTP site is secure at all.
  8. I think it was during Resistance, which was towards the end. Edit: Have to say I agree with what people are saying about the crowd. I personally usually go apeshit and sing every word, but on this occasion was with a reluctant girlfriend because my mate bailed to I hung back for her sakes. How awesome was the stage btw!? I loved the light-show during USOE particularly, and it looked awesome during KoC the way the projector made it look as though individual panels on the pyramid where moving.
  9. Agree with you, I really wanted to see MK Ultra too, and this was probably my last opportunity because I can't imagine it's going to make many appearances after the Resistance tour. Citizen Erased is my favorite Muse song (not exactly in the minority, I know) so I was very pleased they played that and Butterflies & Hurricanes was a wonderful surprise, too, and a song I didn't think I'd see. I think Unatural Selection is far better live than it is on record. On the flip-side of the coin, I don't really think Supermassive Black Hole or Stockholm Syndrome deserve a slot on the setlist. I like them both but I think they've had their day to be honest. Edit: Misread your post. I disagree, I think this was far better than the Echo gig because the Echo gig was ridiculously short.
  10. Again, this. I'm not saying that the setlist bitching isn't a little justified, because it is, but the fact of the matter is that they've been playing what are essentially 'greatest hits' sets since Teignmouth. I'd have thought that most of you would have made peace with this by now and refrained from buying a ticket if you disagree with it, not buy one, bitch anyway and deprive somebody who may have enjoyed it the opportunity. Basically if you don't like what the band are doing but you pay for it anyway, Muse win either way, don't they? Apart from lack of MOTP, I didn't have an issue with the setlist we had at Liverpool last year because I understood what I was going to get when I went in. I did have an issue with the length, however, but luckily the stadium gigs have been 24ish songs long on average, which is what you want when your paying £45 a ticket and coming all the way from Sheffield.
  11. fucking this times a million. I was at Liverpool too and was also disgusted by the set length more than the actual setlist. I'd made peace with the fact the setlist would be Resistance-heavy in terms of songs played, but being onstage for barely an hour and a half is not at all acceptable for a band that's a) at the level Muse are at now, and b) who charge £40 a ticket. I'd been looking forward to seeing them for ages and was very disappointed to be honest, considering that I also saw them touring for BH&R and considered it the best gig of my life. I've made this point before but I'll say it again: ten days before seeing Muse I saw Green Day in Sheffield, and they played a three hour long, 36ish song setlist. The performances themselves at Liverpool where decent I though, although I remember thinking how overblown the current version of New Born has become with those crazy green lasers at the start. I also felt Exo part 1 was disappointing live partly due to the obviousness of the backing tracks, but USoE was highlight. I also enjoyed disagreeing with my friends about which RATM riff Matt played after one of the songs, can't remember which. Turns out I was right, it was the breakdown from Take The Power Back.
  12. This. The irony is that despite him singing in falsetto, it's uber heavy as a whole package. Other than that, I guess the Execution Commentry riff is pretty evil. Agitated and Dead Star are fairly heavy too.
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