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  1. Woah weird timing (kinda, if you call 12 days later 'timing'), first time I've logged in for like a year.

  2. Hey man. Would you be willing to me a large favour?

  3. Thought I'd bump this thread with my first short in a while. It's for a "One Minute Movie Massive" and my university. Shot in the same week that the idea was conceived (we were only together in the same town for 4 days), so there wasn't any real opportunity for script-rewrites or reshoots (and there are things I would change, particularly about the ending). But anyway. [YT]r0J54aZZueE[/YT] aaand the vimeo link for those who prefer vimeo (I do) https://vimeo.com/jpmines/racingstripes
  4. In hindsight, it's really not that weird. It may have seemed weirder because I was somewhat inebriated and sleep deprived.

  5. Also, I was served by a girl in a bar who looked like you, and it was weird.

  6. Oh hey man. Shit, yeah, it's been a while (I guess at least a couple of months since I logged in). What's been going on?

  7. Dude I have not seen you round these parts for agesss <3


    link pls (✿◠‿◠)

  9. I don't appear in the search. Do you have an account? :o

  10. What is your facebook name, then?

  11. Or just get a flipping Facebook account already. -.-

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