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  1. 'One Week One Band' is this blog on Tumblr that basically has a really awesome, accredited editor write about a band he/she/whatever likes. They do all kinds of bands, from the obscure to like Kanye West, and pretty much all of the posts done for each artist are really intelligent, well crafted, and fleshed out. They did Muse this last week, which I absolutely enjoyed. And being a slightly jarred-but-still-adoring Muse fan, I think the editor (Ari Lipsitz) did a damn fine job of describing the entirety of Muse (and Matt, really.) The link to reading the 3 page series is here, if you're interested. Half of the thing talks about how Muse suck so that should attract a lot of you
  2. Higher Ground is a song that gets played on the radio nowadays despite its oldness. Not the best comparison. RHCP are radio-friendly in all sense of the word compared to Muse rly also, old RHCP songs are a lot alike new ones, where as old Muse songs seem massively different than the new stuff. Lotso schisms.
  3. hey remember when Muse set up that poll to play rarities and then everyone was all excited and chipper for some hits and then they played like 2 hits and those two songs were Bliss and CE
  4. As is the rest of the album! Imagine hearing the baby's heartbeat during one of the songs and all of a sudden someone's freaking out because they forgot the rubber Life ruiners, Muse are Matt?
  5. Explorers is just....nah brah nah creeps me out too
  6. Voted for Sunburn just because it's my favorite of the song choices. In retrospect though, I guess I probably missed the point, as I think it's the worst 'opener' as well
  7. Well, it was his first time EVER doing main live vocals as far as I'm concerned, you can't expect studio version stuff there, especially since he was premiering in a fair sized crowd. I mean, c'mon, if you listen to Muse's first gigs, Matt's voice wasn't exactly crooning either
  8. I feel like this album could due with at least one stripped down song. Map of Your Head just came on randomly for me and I really enjoyed it because it wasn't sensory overload, like what basically all of The 2nd Law is. I guess you could argue Explorers is stripped down, but that song is balls to me and I don't even think it's THAT stripped down.
  9. The problem I'm having in judging this album is that it's the first new album I've heard from Muse technically. Since I got into them like a week after TR came out, I had the ability to cram all of those albums into my head at once and compare them to each other. T2L doesn't have that luxury to me. I'm thinking it's gonna be in the 3rd-4th range, but i feel like it needs more time to sit with me. It has way higher highs, higher lows, and less frequent lows than TR I think. Though, it is certainly not flawless by ANY means. The album does have a surprisingly cohesive atmosphere though, which surprises me. Not bad.
  10. Definitely. I really like it because it's a break from all of the chaos that is T2L, and of course the emotion and connotation involved is refreshing. I liked that comparison that this is like Showbiz-writing songs on the 6th album. Give him 3 more albums and he'll be really good at this schtick.
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