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Your top B-Sides

Me Rug I Sty

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I know.


Oh fuck it. No guidelines. Do whatever the fuck you want.






1) Citizen Erased

2) Bliss

3) Showbiz

4) Stockholm Syndrome

5) Exogensis









Quite difficuly tbh :erm:


1) Atrocity Vector Dead Star (if we're counting it)

2) Fury

3) Eternally Missed

4) Glorious

5) Hyper Chondriac Music

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Why are pepole including Dead Star or In Your World? They were double A-sides. They may not have featured on an album, but the fact is they weren't ever on the b-side of anything, lol.


My 5 are:


Hyper Chondriac Music <3

Shrinking Universe


Eternally Missed




Stunning songs :happy:

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