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  1. two of my friends are joining me to oslo but doesn't have tickets yet. If anyone have 1 or 2 they're not gonna use plz contact. We'll buy
  2. but the song itself is good. It's just the electro production i dont like
  3. Guitar, Heavier Drums. The electro bass is gone. General better soundscape
  4. I give up. I didn't use to come to this forum to be told to shut up
  5. I'm just not a fan of the production and i thought the live version sounded much better. But i guess this is what happens when you speak your mind
  6. The order is fine as it is. I just wish Nero never touched Follow Me.
  7. I wanted to vote Madness, but then I went for Big Freeze. At least i like half of Madness
  8. Sry, im not trying to troll. I'm just saying you should enjoy the songs you like regardless of those you don't. I never said he wasn't entitled to his opinion.
  9. i don't get why its a shame to you. You can still listen to Save Me.
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