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Your top B-Sides

Me Rug I Sty

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If we're counting Dead Star and In Your World as b-sides, sure. They weren't on an album, so that's cool. But Hullabaloo not counting? They're all b-side material I thought.


So in that case, my top five:

Dead Star



Hyper Chondriac Music

... can't think of a fifth.

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What are your top 5 Muse b-sides?

Dead Star and In your World count, but any tracks from Hullabaloo don't.


That makes no sense...


Your thread is about B-sides: Dead Star and In Your World are A-sides and all the tracks on Hullabaloo are B-sides.

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Why do a-sides Deadstar and In Your World count but b-sides from Hullabaloo don't?

Makes no sense.

Because it is a full album which was released, wheras other B-sides may be considered "rarer"

I know a non muse fan who owns hullabaloo, so it's not like they are hard to find.

But I guess that doesn't make sense so hullabaloo can count:p

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