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  2. Instead of this being a collection of my favourite songs, I wanted to make this an album, with all the proper flow, breaks, and peaks. 1.Take A Bow 2. Muscle Museum 3. Psycho 4. Prelude 5. Stockholm Syndrome 6. Citizen Erased 7. Unintended 8. Hysteria 9. City of Delusion 10. Exogenesis: Cross-Pollination 11. Knights of Cydonia Also, #6 was the hardest to pick: Showbiz, Citizen Erased, Falling Away With You, Invincible, Unnatural Selection, Follow Me, The Handler. Holy crapola.
  3. Never expected to tear up in in such a heavy song. Hasn't happened since Citizen Erased and Stockholm Syndrome (dat chorus).
  4. m0hawk


    I like the song, and I love the 2 guitar solos. I feel like the song has too many choruses (4 choruses altogether), and this detracts from it. You could remove one chorus from the song and it would be better, like so: Riff (which is the chorus without vocals) Chorus 1 <- REMOVE THIS Verse 1 Chorus 2 Verse 2 Chorus 3 Solo 1 Chorus 4 Solo 2 This song has the same problem that Psycho has. Too many repetitions.
  5. Guys, I think I may have figured a way they could play this live, cutting out the ending piano section (as a result of seeing the negative fan reaction). The Globalist (until 6:35) STRAIGHT INTO Citizen Erased I have a sneaky suspicion the band feels a sense of regret with this one. Awesome heroic beginning. Dat riff. DAT FUCKING TREMOLO SECTION. Then, an awkward piano section that: A) transitions poorly from the heavy section B) negates the drama and power of the section preceding it C) quite frankly, is one of the weakest moments of the album Dom and Chris are going to be bored out of their minds when they play the piano bit live, night after night. Even Matt will eventually lose heart. Cut the piano bit out completely. Replace it with something that actually extends the thunderous heavy section. Since The Globalist uses a drop-A tuning, this can be followed by either CE, Supremacy, or a random jam in drop-A. Since everyone and their grandmother clamours for CE, why not give the fans what we want? The best parts of The Globalist AND Citizen Erased? Plus, Matt did say that they are going to be playing Citizen Erased and The Globalist. But, Matt being Matt, that could be wishful thinking
  6. Phenomenal. This SS is better than Glasto 04 and Earl's Court 04. Everything that I want in an SS. Thank you for this, sincerely.
  7. http://www.tgcom24.mediaset.it/spettacolo/muse-in-drones-c-e-il-futuro-che-ci-aspetta-la-tecnologia-ci-sta-sfuggendo-di-mano-_2111878-201502a.shtml Chucked this latest interview into Google Translate: Exit 9 June "Drones", the new Muse album that marks the return of the band's Matt Bellamy to three years from the controversial "The 2nd Law". "Drones" looks to the past in the sound, much more rock, and in its being a concept based on the conflict between human and artificial intelligence. "The drones are a metaphor for where the technological evolution is taking us - says Bellamy Tgcom24 -. We have to defend our humanity." A complex, far more compact than the previous Zibaldone style of work, and for which the group is committed to the production of an old fox like Mutt Lange. One can give a shot at the rim and a barrel, having put his signature in the past of the cornerstones of mainstream rock, such as "Back in Black" of AC / DC, as well as on the great successes cut pià pop, from Shania Twain to Maroon 5. "Drones" is a direct, with guitars "ignorant" and drums in evidence and a concept certainly not unprecedented (think a masterpiece of prog rock 90s as "Operation: Mindcrime" Queensryche) but always of great interest and charm. So open in its implications to be had in this case a double final of completely opposite sign. A concept all of Bellamy, who composed the entire album. "The inspiration came from reading 'Predators, The CIA's Drone War on Al Qaeda', a very interesting book on the use of drones in war - he explains -. I found it shocking. You see how Obama can have breakfast and just finished decide to kill someone so simple and clean as performed with the drones. And then there are the implications of artificial intelligence in the future: we have drones that can decide for themselves to kill a human without them programs to do this. To me this is a point of no return of the strange evolution of technology and its impact on our lives. " "The concept of the album is derived from this - added the leader of the band -. I thought it was a perfect metaphor for what humanity has become, yet intersects with the story of a person who loses hope, becomes a kind of drone, free thought and a victim of brainwashing imposed by others. But then rebels rediscovering his humanity. This is the main story, the drones are a topic metaphorical ". "The underlying message - adds bassist Chris Wolstenholme - is that you have to find your own voice and not be afraid to use it. And for this we may rebel, even if it is a peaceful rebellion". If the theme of the album was inspired by a book, its construction is also daughter of cinematic influences. In particular, it appears all the love for Bellamy to Stanley Kubrick. "Especially '2001 Space Odyssey' was a reference to the relationship that develops between humans and artificial intelligence - he explains -. Instead recited 'Drill Sergeant' is directly inspired by the outbursts of the sergeant 'Full Metal Jacket '. Unfortunately we could not take the original audio for rights issues and we had to re-record, but the reference is to ". Compared to the last work "Drones" marks a caesura rather obvious phonetically. "And 'all started already at the time of the last tour - says the drummer Dominic Howard -. We were in Florence and we were discussing what would be the next steps to be done and we all agreed that we needed to get back to something more conceptual and rocking. 'The 2nd Law' was a work of the whole study, with songs born working on overlapping sound and experimentation. This time we started from music, from the three of us in a room playing and the sound came naturally heavier " . "In the two previous albums we self-produced and probably this thing we had a little 'led astray - adds Bellamy - passing more time to take care of the production to play. I like those two jobs, have allowed us to explore new territories but 'Drones' brought us back to the music "played". This is why we wanted an outside producer, we wanted to focus on the music, take back our tools and pull off than the sound of the record. Besides, since the theme of the album is a struggle between humanity and technology, with the latter viewed as 'evil', he had even more sense to realize the album in a more 'human'. " The idea of ​​a concept in the old way could clash heavily with the increasingly fragmented where music is enjoyed today, between downloading and streaming, but Bellamy does not care. "Increasingly, the albums are just a collection of unrelated songs - says the singer -. So conceived are dying a formula and not a single case has returned to be central. But I think it still makes sense to put emphasis on achieving organic work : it if you have a strong concept and a relation between the various tracks. " If often the step from concept to rock opera is short, Bellamy does not see this possibility for "Drones". "I think it's too abstract for some steps to be represented as a rock opera - says -. In any case, in the summer concerts (July 18 will be at the Rock in Roma - Ed) will make only a few pieces, because the festival does not have the opportunity the right to represent a job like this, but most likely in the arena tour in autumn and run this program with a full stage set ... adequate. "
  8. Unnatural Selection, Muse's worst song? Well, I suppose people are entitled to their own opinions, even though their opinions are quite clearly rubbish. Nah but seriously, what is your beef with the song? Surely you must have headbanged at least once during that final riff??
  9. The thing about the band going back to their roots is that their mental state has to regress too. I'm speaking, in particular, about their angst. I love that they are going back to actually playing their instruments. I love that MULTIPLE sources claim that this album is going to be heavy (besides Matt). What I feel won't change is how happy the band is now. Black Holes, The Resistance, and The 2nd Law gave us a Muse where the songwriting is far less angsty. They feel almost content. And I absolutely love that. That said, I don't expect this album to as angsty as Showbiz and OoS. That era of Muse was by far the gloomiest and most desparate. I'm expecting the heavy riffs, but not the emotionally-fuelled songwriting.
  10. This is about as perfect as I can possibly make it... 1. Man With a Harmonica + Knights of Cydonia 2. Hyper Music 3. Supermassive Black Hole + Maggie’s Farm 4. Plug In Baby 5. Invincible 6. Butterflies & Hurricanes 7. Dead Star (Microcuts Outro) 8. New Born + Microphone Fiend + Ashamed 9. Ruled By Secrecy 10. Exogenesis Part III: Redemption 11. Études Simples № 6 + Unintended 12. Madness 13. Assassin (Extended) 14. Fury 15. Showbiz 16. Blackout 17. Citizen Erased 18. Space Dementia (Guitar Outro) --- 19. Take a Bow 20. Bliss (Extended) 21. Stockholm Syndrome + riffs
  11. I feel like Stockholm Syndrome isn't a purely heavy song. It's got the most beautiful chorus they've ever written. So it's almost half a metal song. I don't listen to the song for the riffs, just the verses and chorus. Which are beyond amazing.
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