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  1. I just made a Wordpress to review albums, and my first one is Drones. https://ryanhatesmusic.wordpress.com/2015/06/14/album-review-muse-drones-2015/ Check it out.
  2. In Ryanbows

    Dead Inside

    Don't Dead Open Inside
  3. I was kind of cautious to think that because I thought the same thing when The Resistance's tracklist was revealed. But this time it seems more clear and yes, Matt seemed to confirm it. I hope so because I am definitely a sucker for concept albums.
  4. The album will consist entirely of harsh noise tracks, with the exception of Mercy which is a cover of the Duffy song. Here is the track list for their next album: 1. Rebellion 2. Mutiny 3. Defiance 4. Insurrection 5. Revolution 6. Coup d'État 7. Riot 8. Overthrow 9. Insurgence 10. Upheaval 11. Insubordination 12. Noncompliance
  5. In Ryanbows


    People are arguing about my post. I finally made it in life.
  6. In Ryanbows


    Matthew J. Bellamy Album
  7. But they already are I hope Liquid State sticks around at least to some degree, it's my favorite live song from The 2nd Law.
  8. Opener: Take a Bow, Unnatural Selection, Plug In Baby, Starlight (yes), Uprising, New Born, Dead Star, Map of the Problematique, any of their more energetic hits that I didn't already mention Closer: Knights of Cydonia, not Survival, Stockholm Syndrome, Unnatural Selection (again), not Survival, Showbiz, Micro Cuts, the entirety of Exogenesis, not Survival, Citizen Erased
  9. What's with the hostility toward fun in this thread? Their second album isn't great but it has some good tunes and their first album is awesome.
  10. I keep thinking back to Stockholm Syndrome It is such a massive live song
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