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  1. When The 2nd Law came out, people were SO sure it was better than The Resistance and I'm even pretty sure when TR came out initially people thought it was better than BHaR. The honey moon period is always the same around here, people have to believe that the album that just came out was at least better than the last one. The Handler, Reapers and The Globalist are the only songs I really enjoy, and the latter has some of the most illogical choices within the song that I think Muse has ever made. Admittedly I have to wonder if my young self would have liked this album more, because my music taste probably has changed since then but the fact that they think that songs like Revolt are okay is just a bit much to look past at this point.
  2. Yea I found out it was playing at Rialto but i was in Sydney that weekend which was a month before Muse was due to play there, which is all terribly ironic. Reasonably excited for BDO, mainly for Tame Impala and Arcade Fire but i hope to be impressed by some other bands.
  3. It's the same every tour to some extent, you just have to accept that at the start of the tour they aren't going to have as many songs rehearsed as they normally do by the end. But saying that if they had 3 LA nights now they probably wouldn't play as many rarities as they did in Mexico, but I would say they would play more than the start of the tour.
  4. It really sounds like they might actually break the three year cycle this time round. A new album in 2014 is probably too optimistic, but i could definitely see a earlyish 2015 release oppose to the normal September release.
  5. Man this set was heavy as fuck, there weren't too many slow points at all really. You could tell how tired they all were, it's actually hard to imagine them playing for any longer than they did tbh.
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