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    Watford, Hertfordshire
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    Muse, Playing Muse Guitar And Bass Line, My Band, Computer
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    Kevin And Perry Go Large, School Of Rock
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    Simpsons, Family Guy, Friends, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Have I Got News For You
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    Harry Potter ( to be honest thats the only set of books thtai can say that ive read dedicately and wanting read on )
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    Every Album, Every Tour Dvd, Two Posters, Muse Bass Book, Muse Guitar Book, Hundreds Of Internet Tabs For Muse Songs ;)
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    O2 Arena 13/11/09
  1. happy birthday, good musings to you

  2. You wished me a happy birthday so thanks! :D x

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day :)

  4. so happy so happy. delete if you want i just ran outside shouting in joy jhbfoghkdutk
  5. I'm doing grade 8 piece (Rockschool) for my GCSE performance this friday
  6. Glorious Hyper Chondriac Music Shine Acoustic Easily Fury Futurism In Your World Dead Star Spiral Static Eternally Missed Creep lololz
  7. you met bellamy, so i hate you..


    rock on

  8. Anyone thought of a riff for the end of Mk Ultra that works really well (i.e. Maggie's Farm for MOTP)? I know any riff in drop D works but anyone found anything that sounds great?
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