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  1. Well. First off - for 60 euros I expected a hell of a lot more than what we got, that's for sure. I'm thankful for Bliss, and Exo was a nice surprise, but the rest was overall rather meh. The crowd was ok from where I was standing, but a lot of people only seemed to be interested in FG and UD... And what happened to the stadium stage? Grr. Oh, and the fact that Dom looked at his watch just before KOC kicked off pretty much says it all. *Let's just finish this off already!* They did seem fairly up to it to some extent, but at the same time it lacked the proper energy in more ways than one. They can do loads better than this!
  2. Gosh, the VLC died for a moment there. Would have been just my luck, thankfully it started working again. *sigh*
  3. Now this sucks! Thankfully I won't lose any cash over it personally, and have tickets to a couple of other Muse gigs in the summer so I'll survive. Still really sad, especially as we haven't gotten a reason for the cancellation (yet). Bah. ):
  4. As with most things, it's obviously a matter of preference. I think it's amazing though, easily one of their finest moments.
  5. They do have seats, but if I remember correctly those have been available on first-come, first-served basis at gigs I've been to there in the past. So, they might not have tickets for seats on sale, but Zinken does have them.
  6. Well, to put it this way - I wouldn't go for seating,(if they do sell tickets to those) but most of the seats are probably pretty good in comparision to the ones at regular venues, as it's a place normally used to various sports and all.
  7. Those prices are insane! I paid 1155 NOK for two Spektrum tickets last year, which also included having them shipped home to me. I think that cost around 100 NOK, so the tickets were at least 100 NOK cheaper then - compared with the "normal" GA ticket this time around. Norway is expensive as hell, but this really takes the price!
  8. I've been wondering the same thing for ages now! It was the only song a girl standing next to me during the MSG gig seemed to know and sang along to, and I can't help but wonder why (and HOW?). Such a mystery.
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