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    don't diss the sonic.
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    .I live in the middle of nowhere and have been playing the piano for 11 years, guitar for 3. My goal is to become a member of a successful band (kinda like Muse)... and that's about it.

    -Matt grabbing his bum various times on the Resistance Tour :eyebrows:
    -Matt's lab coat (from Absolution Tour)
    -Matt's "yee-haw!" during TIRO at Wembley (HAARP)
    -Matt's red demon crow coat thing
    -Chris' nose
    -Dom's laugh
    -Muscle Museum
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    Playing music (piano/guitar), drawing, writing
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    MUSE :D, Chameleon Circuit, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Nirvana, Queen, ABBA, Fall Out Boy, Lady Gaga, Rage Against the Machine, The Killers, Paramore, anything alternative or rock really...
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    INCEPTION, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, School of Rock, The Nightmare Before Christmas
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    Doctor Who, Torchwood
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    Ender's Game, 1984, sci-fi novels, a few comic books here and there...
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Origin of Symmetry
    Hullabaloo Soundtrack
    Absolution Ltd. Edition w/ 'Making Of' DVD
    Black Holes & Revelations
    The Resistance

    Absolution Poster
    Knights of Cydonia Poster

    My collection's slowly growing, I'm still in the prcess of trying to get Random 1-8, the Hullabaloo DVD, Dead Star/In Your World EP, and the Absolution Tour DVD. :)
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    March 13, 2010 @ Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan

    October 12, 2010 @ Schottenstein Centre in Columbus, Ohio
  1. Kirby

    Fantastic OoS Stage!

    Well I wasn't able to see them all because I live in the US and can't afford to go to Wembley or Reading or anything but out of all that I've seen live I prefer the simpler ones.
  2. Obviously I wasn't there, but it sounds like it was an amazing show from what I've heard/the videos I've seen. I even turned Bliss into my first ever gif! Not the greatest but still
  3. Kirby

    Fantastic OoS Stage!

    Hmmm definitely. I think the towers visually looked amazing, but they kind of took away from the guys and I had an easier time seeing them at Lollapalooza vs. on the Resistance Tour.
  4. Yeah, sorry, my list is a bit different than everyone else's.
  5. Hmmmmmm Showbiz, probably. Or anything off the album. I like the angsty buildup that most of the Showbiz-era songs have
  6. Just got photoshop after not having it for 3 years, I was excited to play around with it again. I made this one really quickly, it's fairly simple and not too great but I was inspired by the movie that Carey and Leo are supposedly starring in. I'm excited for it because The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. This one was obviously inspired by the Doctor Who episode, The Doctor's Wife. I like it a lot, idk.
  7. This one, obviously: Erm, here's one I took but it's not ~that weird:
  8. I got to hear a variety of songs (on today's standards), including MoTP twice
  9. Kirby

    Lollapalooza 2011

    That had an amazing setlist, at least It was awesome being literally two feet away from Dom, Chris, and Tom in their hospitality tent (and I should've said something as I left, they stared at me and I'm pretty sure they knew I was dying to yell something at them haha), but I missed being out there with all of you guys! Maybe I'll be back at the barrier sometime soon although, if it's guaranteed that I'll meet them next time I'm backstage then I'll jump on that!
  10. In no particular order: Conscience Hate This and I'll Love You Hoodoo The Small Print Showbiz
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