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Soaked - which version do you prefer and why?


Who's version of Soaked do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Who's version of Soaked do you prefer?

    • Matt's!
    • Adam Lambert's!

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That is indeed another strike against it.


Soaked is a good song though. I wish Muse would play it live instead of Explorers/Feeling Good.


Indeed, I hardly think Adam would have anything against it. (He's a right up **** if he has tbh)

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i meant soaked as is, this thread apparently compares the 2 versions...

I know Matt would not be able to write that today (not the same place in life, age, etc) but would the reasons that made them not release it still hold today?

Given their more recent output, I think soaked would be a good release (all hypothetically of course)

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I much preferred this song over IBTY and perhaps it should have been on Resistance and IBTY a bside.


The Adam Lambert version works just fine, but I heard the Muse version first...thus I could never really get into his version. He probably sings it better, but without muse performing it's just another pop song.

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It's the Muse board, people are bound to talk about a song written by Muse. Outside of this board no one really cares about it.


The youtube comments on Lamberts videos of the song are a laugh though, very heated debate between crazy muse fans vs Lamberts fans.

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