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  1. Some idea I was thinking about, I believe NSC, Madness and Dead Inside could very well form a storyline of the span of a relationship ( I know Matt wrote NSC from a rear view perspective). NSC = This love will be forever, nothing can beat it, it can triumph all, etc. Madness = What is this that I feel? we fight, I sometimes don't even know how it all started or why it's weird but I'm certain it's all because we love each other, this is what love is like Dead Inside = I try to get something from you, affection; You are cold. You are beautiful yet you starve me emotionally; you are just a shell of a human being, you have nothing inside you, you are Dead Inside, now I am as well... :'( Anyway, an idea I thought I might share, Muse on
  2. Haha, nice description: And I love it!, the vocal delivery from Matt makes me feel what I love from Muse's most feely songs, the reason I like them; you can argue the impartial "quality" of the lyrics (choice of words, structure) is not great, but they ARE in line with Muse's standards. I'm really happy for hearing this song. :D What I fear is that he's losing inspiration to compose music, and is just going to use cookie-cutter mold of pop music. At least I would like a interesting MELODY in 1 song from the album..
  3. The lyrics and their delivery totally make this song for me, they are the kind of feeling I look for in a Muse song; musically I'm not crazy, but just Matt singing that makes me even feel sorry for him sometimes
  4. i meant soaked as is, this thread apparently compares the 2 versions... I know Matt would not be able to write that today (not the same place in life, age, etc) but would the reasons that made them not release it still hold today? Given their more recent output, I think soaked would be a good release (all hypothetically of course)
  5. Well, I couldn't find a thread to discuss Soaked, if you see fit you can erase or lock this one. As of today, Dead Inside released, and after we've heard the entirety of T2L, do you think it still would've received the same treatment it got? I think they could very well release it, it has more "soul" (as in "feel") than some of their more recent releases. I know Matt would not be able to write that today (not the same place in life, age, etc) but the question is: Would the reasons that made them not release it still hold now?
  6. Coma. Such 90's Muse goodness, didn't listen to it in ages; Really enjoyable listen (taking it for what it's worth)
  7. Well, there are apparently 2 of these threads, so I'll bump the one with the latest post I can't believe myself, but just NOW I saw the lyrics to Showbiz, and just to be astonished at the fact that what I thought went "...and pushing a sin to self destruction" was actually "and pushing us into self destruction" :$
  8. For what I seek in music videos, where music is the important bit; I really like the dead star video, as well as the video edits of both dead star and in your world. I see grand thematic music videos with visuals and lacking a band appearance more like movie videos. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Mmmm, you have a point; from that stance, the song would not be about blaming these people with power for being deliberately "bad" or enjoying suffering of others, but about the lack of empathy, and compassion, not being kind enough. Not about being "bad", (as I put it) but about not being "good". Maybe I have some kind of romanticized idea that animals are noble by nature Yet, it is musically kind of gloomy, which may have made me see it the way I did. Thanks for you input Altec, Sippe (:
  10. Is it controversial to say I almost never listen to 'Animals' because I do not like it's lyrics? From a personal point of view, I do not like the comparison of, I guess he means carnivorous animals, to people in the world who do acts of greed and lack of empathy, or what you could call "evil" or "wrong" things. "Don't take anything less" and such, animals take just what they need, don't take pleasure on other animals suffering, and don't have sentiments of greed. Idk, it just vexates me. All of this my very personal opinion though
  11. awww, that's really a shame, the blog was so good . Thanks so much for the reply though, I really appreciate it
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