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Soaked - which version do you prefer and why?


Who's version of Soaked do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Who's version of Soaked do you prefer?

    • Matt's!
    • Adam Lambert's!

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But what makes a Muse song? All Muse songs sound unique and different to me.


God knows, they (or Matt, at least) just thought it was too cheesy and didn't fit with the themes of what they were doing at the time, hence giving it to Adam Lambert instead. Him and Dom briefly talk about it during the Eurasia bit of the Making Of TR, Dom says he can't remember it and Matt tells him "you don't want to".


I love it, but I'm a sucker for anything soppy from the Black Holes era so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I think Matt realised the guys thought it was too much cheese all at once so he eased them into it with Invincible, USoE, Guiding Light and then finally he could do the music he wanted with Explorers and Revolt.

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Didn't Matt specifically say Chris vetoed it? I remember a rude remark associated with the story...


I have been wondering lately that Dom and Chris have so much power over Matt's music and what goes on the albums (Fury not on the album, causing Matt to be 'disappointed' in Madness by changing it when he wasn't there, etc) but absolutely no say in set lists.

That seems rather backwards.

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Uh? Madness was changed? Is probably one of my least favourite songs so i'm curious to know how changed it.
Added layers to it basically. But don't worry, every single song they've written has probably changed during the songwriting or recording process.
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I'm sure they have, which also makes it weird the other two don't appear to get songwriting credit at all.


Madness is the only one I recall Matt expressing disappointment with, or that it was done without his knowledge.


He said it was extremely stripped back, almost acoustic, and then Chris and Dom put "absolutely everything on it" while he was gone. And he wished T2L had more quiet moments.

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I remember thinking it might be because they were releasing the album in the US again, and the rules for royalties and things are different here, but then that was the only album, wasn't it?


It sounds very much like Chris and Dom had significant impact on Madness, at least, and then weren't able to benefit much from how popular it got in the US.


Or the opening credits to WWZ which were MATTHEW BELLAMY (performed by Muse.)

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