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  1. Seems a bit late to put this out now...I feel like the Drones era was handled pretty poorly and setlists promised a lot and delivered very little. Feel like this live movie/concert film will tank even harder than Live at Rome. Having said that I’ll probably still go see it 😂
  2. Muse and Arctic Monkeys are my favourite bands and I like Thought Contagion. I am just skeptical about this new album and have a bad feeling. I am happy to be proven wrong and enjoy it!
  3. Jack White has been disappointing as a solo artist IMO; I’ll stick to old school white stripes any day! I was expecting 30STM’s new effort to be rubbish and so it was
  4. I meant for Muse I listened to the new 30STM album today...was absolutely horrendous and the final sign of it wasn’t already obvious that Jared Leto has permanently disappeared up his own backside and thinks he’s Jesus. Listened to the new Alison Wonderland album that also came out today and that wasn’t much better...been a rough week musically besides a grain of hope this new Arctic Monkeys album can be something awesome! Dig Down Contagion/The 3rd Law is an album that we already know will most likely disappoint us
  5. People are coming here to discuss updates on album 8/new songs... debating Drones vs Absolution in itself should probably be a new thread with a poll etc. I’ll happily join in! Just not here surely?
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