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  1. We obviously need to kidnap Matt Bellamy.
  2. In years gone by we would have had exciting red herrings or tidbits about the friend of the guy who was friends with the photographer who knows the artist who helped inspire the album art and he said on Twitter that he can’t say anything about the album but he thinks he can say that it doesn’t suck. Time to start digging people!!!
  3. They used to design such good merch pre simulation theory. Whoever took over has butchered it.
  4. As a vinyl collector I’ll be getting around this release. but sheesh, some of the apparel they have put out in the store for this release is pretty ugly, the shirt that comes with the vinyl is the least ugly of the lot.
  5. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Citizen Erased has forever been my favourite song of all time. On first listen and being a total noob with audio/mixing/production I didn’t hear a massive difference to justify a entire new release or reimagining of this album. It sounded good, don’t get me wrong, I could hear some strings, but will have to have a few more listens to have a proper opinion on this. I feel like a nice deluxe repress with a fancy coloured vinyl and futurism in the track list would have been fine with a anniversary tour.
  6. Yeah it's a bit of a worry as I thought the album was meant to be dark and heavy from psycho onwards and start to get positive roughly after reapers? Seems like a lot is now resting on Globalist, Revolt and The Handler!

  7. Mm yeah the album isn't shaping up too well to be honest. Reapers onwards needs to kick arse for it to be anywhere near BH&R (their last good album for me). Where's their experimentation from Take A Bow or MotP gone?

  8. Hey, I found the song. It's not too bad, a little dissapointing though! Hopeful that the studio version will be better!

  9. Hey, PM me your email address and I can send you the song. Just don't share it.

  10. RIP Nancy Ann Guillory




    Taken from us too soon 😔


    Passionate Crazy Muse fan until the end.


    If anyone else knew Nancy and was looking here to find her you are welcome to contact me for further details.

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