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  1. good track but I dislike matts voice recording. you clearly hear the movements of his tongue ( + saliva) which I find unfitting
  2. I concur. They are far more in the front than they used to be and in parts, due to that, you hear things you usually dont hear e.g. you can a few times hear his tongue movements
  3. TDS > Pressure > DD > TC >>> trash > SH TDS is fucking amazing omg and pressure is pretty fun
  4. boring track IMO. but I see now where matt/Muse want their sound to go towards. i respect their decision but its not for me i think.
  5. i dont dig drones that much, but mercy was really the throw away song of the album lol really boring
  6. sorry but what is so good about it? matt is a bit off during the first verse and the first chorus isnt great either edit: really it is not that great of a performance (because matt is really flat most of the time) edit2: bad vocal performance by matt tbh
  7. this part is unbelievable. So emotional how he sings it omg getting goosebumps and tears in my eyes every time i listen to it <3
  8. dude like wtf? rofl plug in baby overrated? DAFAAAAAAQUE that riff neve gets old, that chorus is like the best they ever did and the final falsetto just makes the track perfect^^ cannot be overplayed. would visit a gig where they just played PiB 25 times
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