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  1. http://captiongenerator.com/70577/hitler-reacts-to-matt-bellamy-ditching-his-guitar I'm late but I'm pretty pissed off over him ditching his guitar for various parts of the gig. edit: plus I'm bored with studying..
  2. The only letdown throughout the album were the shitty lyrics ruining an otherwise good listen. And perhaps revolt. Also the lack of energy and passion in their songs irks me a little. I just can't feel it in this album (well, not even T2L so...)
  3. My dad said it sounded like something people would play during a funeral.
  4. This is my second muse album buildup but my first simultaneously following this forum at the same time. Think the .mu forums made it more exciting than it would've been if i relied on... Idk, facebook/twitter/tumblr.
  5. Come and live in Asia for a few years, they should. Edit: but rotation of songs, more mainstream and older ones for some rarer songs, like b sides, would be greatly appreciated for the more die-hard fans. I would love seeing stuff like The Groove over Starlight, etc. when i finally get to watch em live for the first time. It makes the whole experience more memorable and not leave me with the feeling like "oh its great but i can always revisit that day by watching almost every other gig shot by the audience that is uploaded onto youtube", since muse doesnt drop by Asia very often
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