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I know what you mean :LOL: not all of us can afford to cange them every few weeks. Play till they break :LOL:


This mic is designed for a guitar amp. You could simply hang it over the top of the amp so it is in front of the speaker.



This cable plugs straight into the microphone and into your computer via the USB. You can then download an audio program called Audacity which will detect the microphone and allow you do record covers.


All of this plus shipping comes out at about £40 and it a perfect set-up for someone who wants to start getting into better recording methods.


i think i gonna buy the first one soon because the condenser picks up too much of the room even when it is pushed against the speaker grill making my recordings too wet. i heard that it is comparable to an sm57, is that true?

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Right, I had a gig on Friday and a friend of mine took a shit load of pictures. Heres most of them.




Me with my trusty bass.


The whole band


Another band shot, with me looking like I soiled myself :$


Our guitarist with his JCM 2000 and kit-strat


Our singer


And lastly, our machine of a drummer


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