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What Muse-related thing do you do daily instead of your godforsaken homework?  

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  1. 1. What Muse-related thing do you do daily instead of your godforsaken homework?

    • Listen to Muse. Duh.
    • Immediately visit said Forum.
    • Search pictures of Matt, Dom, and Chris. All day long.
    • Watch HAARP. For the 45th time.
    • I never do my homework as visions of Matthew Bellamy are frequently clouding my mind.

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Sitting in Studyhall. A shitload of homework piled in your back pack. A shockingly ugly and vulture-like teacher monitoring the room. Insead of doing the 90823479238758947592340982309798750924 hours of Chemistry homework you have you go on this instead. TIS A PREDICAMENT (really?) WE ALL FACE. True, I do have 5+ hours of homework tonight and 4 tests tomorrow, but that really is not a problem. Go here when you should be doing something scholarly related but find Muse much more interesting than the fact that the second step to the Scientific Method is Forming A freaking Hypothesis.

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same here. (:

i'm quite happy with admin though. she let us decorate our folders, no suprise what mines has on it :D

Hhaha lucky. I have resorted to setting all my friend's laptop backgrounds to Muse...today on my friends I put a pic of Matt at V Festival and then over the top wrote "Hey Sexy." Mwahaha luckily she did not seem to mind

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I get home from school and go on the Muse board for as long as I possibly can. :erm:


And then I think about the Muse board and all of my friends and wonder how they are and stuff and I can't concentrate on my homework.


THEN don't forget, I'm skipping out on school for 2 days (with permission) to go halfway across the country to see them open for U2.



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