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  1. If I was gonna spend shitloads I've gotten a bit fixated on this one... https://www.eglobalcentral.co.uk/sony-cybershot-dsc-rx100-iii-digital-camera-pal.html#/product/13361 Mostly cause my last (and first) was a canon and it was pretty nice And all the knobs and such And it's usually like the first canon on 'good compact' reviews I really find researching stuff stressful though, so much subtlety, annoying little things you'd only know if you were really into whatever, biased reviews, numbers being irrelevant, numbers being relevant and OK but others being not OK...
  2. Can anybody recommend a good compact camera? I'm looking for something I guess either middle of the range or higher, I much much prefer buttons and knobs (LOL) to on screen menus, and like optical zooming and being able to take a nice-ish photo at night Also want video taking capability, can be not amazing (which was the case with my last one) but good enough Don't really know how much I want to spend
  3. Weeeird, glad I'm not the only one
  4. I 'cleared the cache' on chrome, dunno if that did all of that, didn't work Chrome just says it couldn't load/ couldn't find the page And Firefox says the connection timed out and 'The server at board.muse.mu is taking too long to respond.'
  5. For some reason after getting this (and it not accepting my login) a load of times (Guessing it's not connected but I didn't want to start a new thread cause I think its just me) Now I can't connect to specifically THIS website (the whole forum) with my WiFi internet, only with my mobile internet connection does it work Also virgin media were doing something on our street but seeing as it's ONLY the forum I can't connect to, I thought maybe I'd see if anyone else has the same problem on here Also tried it with Firefox (usually on chrome) on my mobile and no luck Forgot to mention I'm getting the same problem on my desktop computer too, so must be internet based..
  6. Haa, that's ok... you've done what happened last time backwards, receive book -> search engine effort. I still felt bad for getting at the answer with googling skillz rather than actual knowledge :LOL:

  7. Thank you very much for the book! If you are wondering how I found out that the name on the paperwork was you, I typed your name into the muse search engine and a link to a site of yours making use of your name came up. In any event I appreciate it!

  8. Yay drawing skillz

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