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    I write alot. Music and words. And when I'm listening its never to people. I do not do as i'm told. I am inexplicably drawn to thunderstorms. I'm in highschool but that's not really where I want to be. I stay in the same place because I am made to do so. I want to tour the world with music and I love Muse in every way.
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    United States. You know that one place that is completely deprived of Muse.
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    music and writing. Piano, Guitar, Photography. Matthew Bellamy, Matthew Bellamy's spider fingers, throwing Matthew Bellamy into daily convesation, Consuming my living space in pictures of Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard, Dom's Aviators, I actually just bought a pair rimmed with blue yesterday because of this fact, Dom's Elite Sense Of Style, offering brief biographies of Matt and Dom to random strangers, Muse in the most obsessed and inspired way a Muse fan can be in love with Muse.
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    not a real one.
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    Muse. Why else am I here. Secondly: Pink Floyd, MGMT, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon, The Klaxons, Babyshambles, Libertines, Radiohead, Iron & Wine, Death Cab for Cutie, The Shins, Stars, The Killers, this could go on forever. Although I am quite particular, I do not listen to Crap.
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    Gladiator, Atonement, Tristan and Isolde, Defiance, August Rush, Bourne Identity, Pride & Prejudice, Becoming Jane, Batman Begins and Dark Knight, the Duchess, Terminator Salvation, and Charlie Bartlet, definitely Charlie Bartlett. If HAARP were a movie i'd confess I've watched it over 25 times. And, quite obviously, every last scene regarding the LOTR and HP movies:]]
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    24 addict. And of course I love Lost:]
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    Harry Potter, Twilight, Papertowns, Papertowns, Papertowns && Looking For Alaska, Til We Have Faces, Footfree and Fancyloose, the Luxe series, and Let it Snow.
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo Soundtrack, Absolution, Black Holes & Revelations, and praise its beautiful name, HAARP. I cannot fucking wait for The Resistance.
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    There is a small white envelope in the corner of my money box. With a quote from Matthew Bellamy on the top. Tis my Muse Concert Savings.
  1. I was in the basement watching Muse's Teignmouth gig with my Dad and my sister and her boyfriend come and join us, and halfway through the newborn riff my sister goes, "it's unfortunate they're all so ugly." YES, SHE REALLY SAID THAT. my response was to sit quietly and attempt to withold my extreme fury and also to kill a thousand cats.
  2. I thought i would hate this but i actually like it quite alot. Maybe because she seems to be doing all she can with the song while still respecting where it came from.
  3. Um...am I the only one who was practically guessing what the next lyrics were going to be before Matt even sang them? I didn't like it. Honestly I didn't like it at all. And wtf, this is Muse, I have never said that about anything of theirs, I love The Resistance but I did not like this. I didn't feel anything when I listened to it and now I don't know what to think. I was just wondering why is Matt changing the way he sings and why do these lyrics all of a sudden mean so little. I don't know. I guess I miss Muse. And this song isn't them. I want them to keep innovating, but I also want it to be real.
  4. I was supposed to write an essay tonight. Instead I made my own music blog. I want you all to see it:D Yeah, I am proud I didn't finish my homework again. http://rock-parade-escapade.blogspot.com
  5. Hey Christina! I have been excellent! What about you? Heh I was supposed to write an essay tonight and i made a music blog instead! and i want you to see it! hehheh



  6. thats awesome. I was gonna say hi, but you guys seemed like you were on a mission. and yeah, glad to see people supporting his awesome tight pants wardrobe.

  7. Did you really?! Aha I suppose we did stand out..haha I was the one in the pink headband! My friend Maggie was with me...she's a recently converted Muser I am so proud. But hehe yes the outfit it was all for Dom and his Neon Pants Revolution, you know. Hehhe I wish I would have seen you! I was looking for some fellow Musers but I couldn't recognize anyone from their descriptions on the board. Concert was epic, wasn't it?

  8. Hey Annaaaa! :D How have you been? I haven't you seen here for a long time.

    I received your letter, but I have not sent my response yet. Anyway, how was the concert on last Friday? :awesome:

  9. hey! I just wanted to know I saw you guys at the Chicago gig after the show by the Madison street exits. i was sitting on the floor alone by the escalator. I got a good kick out of your outfits!

  10. Hey guys! WE WANT TO FIND OTHER MUSERS AT THIS CONCERT. Mwahaha. Me and my friend will be wearing neon pink leggings with things about Dom written all over them, with matching neon headbands. Also the MUSE symbol written on our faces...ill be in a black and pink muse shirt..heh i WANT TO MEET SOME MUSERS. we're in section 111...hope to see you guys there! right now we're prowling the chicago streets looking for matt and dom...hehhe see you all there:D
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