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  1. Just messaged you! I can pick you up too if needed
  2. I'm still in need of a GA ticket if anyone knows where I could get a hold of one!!
  3. Currently looking for a GA ticket if anyone happens to have one 😀
  4. i have an extra seated ticket if any one wants it:happy: its L16 row 3 seat 3
  5. got my seats i get to choose between section L22 Row 8 or L16 Row 3 or 7:happy:
  6. honestly i keep changing my mind i know i really shouldnt go on any over seas trips this year cause i really do need to move out
  7. id love to get a solid copy of the film too if i could liam im not tech savy with downloading stuff and putting them on dvd. if i could get a copy id love to try and have a small screening again for the LA musers.
  8. im in again. ill be able to send out more than i did last year
  9. Despite all of this I still kinda like you its rare to find someone to argue with who isn't a complete bitchass
  10. Who said the album didn't have high notes? Cause I didn't. And like I said its not just vocals for me 'the album as a whole' fucking sucks if I'm being honest with you guys yeah there's some good bits of music and vocal on there but none that are gonna make me wet my undies and claim that album is brilliant That being said you'll still see me rocking out to every song on the album when played live because it is muse and I love muse but that doesn't mean I have to like everything they do or make you have to be able to hate what you love sometimes. Same with you musers I fucking love you guys but you're all a pain in the ass just like me.
  11. I'm saying The Resistance as a whole but if you wanna pick at each song then let's do it the album is my least favorite hands down not just because of vocals but mostly everything about it doesn't stick out to me excluding Exo
  12. Ok. "Why Matt Bellamy Is Not The Most Talented Musician In The World" by Liz0_o Let me start by saying that matt has the potential to be one of the best musicians out there he was on that path for awhile there but in all honesty I think he's lost his confidence in his ability to just say 'fuck it I'm gonna write and compose what I want' granted its not just him I'm sure warner as with every label wants material that will sell which holds him back let's take NSC for example I really think its the worst piece of shit out there not just because of it was for twilight but its just genuinely shit writting and poor structure when I see that then look back to showbiz I'm completely perplexed with a face. Last year some of us went to Mansons guitar shop and myself and a fellow muser were told a story about bellamy that one day he came in to the shop and was playing flamenco guitar or something but the guy said what he was doing far surpassed what bellamy shows us on stage and in the studio so I have no doubt that he is a guitar god but he's only giving like guitar disciple status. As for his piano skills yes. He has them. But his talent there isn't all it could be either as someone said earlier he's far from being labeled one of the greats. As I stated earlier about a lack of confidence in song writing ability and what not same goes for his vocals he can still belt all of his ranges out so why doesn't he? On The Resistance I saw nothing spectacular as far as vocals compared to what we know he can do. Anyway I'm rambling now to summarize to be considered one of the 'best most talented' musicians out there you can't hold back on your craft and bow down to a label you need confidence and the guts to make what you consider great music bellamy isn't doing that anymore but he could be and I hope that we see something amazing on the new material but I'm scared. Edit: reading this back to myself now its all over the place but meh....
  13. Yeah I was gonna post my paragraph long explanation why he's not the most talented but I'd rather not be thrown in the fire.
  14. No. /thread Edit: ill explain my reasoning later when I get home. Being on my cell phone I can't quite explain my dislike and adoration toward bellamy proper.
  15. Probably not. Those shirts are really lame anyway....especially for $40 (which is what it would cost for me)
  16. I love matt again just because he wants MJs wanna be startin something to be his funeral song.
  17. No. They love the smell of money too much.
  18. ....My milk shakes bring all the babies to the womb and its like I'm number one million and two...
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