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  1. Thanks for the pic, much appreciated. ;)

    Hope you're well!

  2. Hey! Hope all is okay with you setty. :)

  3. Hey, you're back! How's it going?

  4. Ohhh I see, yes I remember the Bliss group...it's a shame it's gone. :(

    Okay, was nice to talk to you as well. And...it's always coffee time. ;)


  5. Hey! Long time + no speak...how's it going? :happy:

  6. Ohh that's what's missing, the social groups! I noticed something had changed but couldn't pick out what it was...

  7. Yeah it's nice here and good for when you need a break, which is what I'm doing right now.

    I've only just noticed that as well, that's odd! Maybe people will claim for more things again now that the thread has reappeared...

  8. And no! You're writing perfectly fine...

  9. Ahh thank you! Just have to get my grades first...

  10. I want to study clinical science. Then I can hopefully go into a career involved in medical research or in labs in a hospital. :)

  11. It'll either be at Exeter or Bristol, both are pretty high in university league tables and they're both lovely cities. I haven't decided which one I'm putting as my first choice yet because they're both great!

  12. Ohh I see.

    No I'll finish at the end of May, do my final exams in June and then start university at the end of September if all goes to plan. :)

  13. Okay, I'll have a look :)

  14. Hey! Sorry I didn't see you were connected...

  15. I completely forgot that I hadn't replied, I'm so sorry!

    I hope you're feeling less stressed and a lot better lately :) Hope you're okay now? *hugs*

    I'm okay thanks, looking forward to xmas and having a break, but I have so much revision to do for January exams...

  16. Hiya setty, hope all is well with you.

  17. I see you've gone, I should too really, I have work in the morning.

    Goodnight setty.

  18. Yes, I know what you mean. And I'm glad it's not just me that thinks this, because many people seem to really like it.

    Unsustainable was unexpected for me, I came home from my holidays and there it was, I think I need to listen to it a bit more yet. :)

    Survival has really grown on me, I think it's fab. But yep, now we can only wait to hear the rest!

  19. Umm, I'll be honest, I don't really like it at the moment. Not sure whether it'll grow on me, but the song isn't really my cup of tea for now.

    How about you, setty?

  20. No worries. :)

    And aww thank you :) I'm sorry that I couldn't have done more to help recently...

  21. Found it:

    Dark Shines - nevermind572

    But the keeper hasn't got connected for more than a year.

  22. Ahh good! I am okay thanks.

    That's fine :) do you want some help?

    Then we can discuss the new stuff.

  23. Hey setty :) How are you?

  24. I'm so sorry for my late reply, I've been on holiday. :$

    Yeah I think that too, I thought they were kidding at first and then I was like...oh...but I guess it'll grow on me. :)

    It was so good in the end! Sad it's over though. :p And I'm so glad that Tom got a bronze in the end!

    Ahhh you lucky thing! Did you take plenty of photos? :happy:

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