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    I like unique people with immature senses of humour .
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  1. 's Maandags had ik veldkaarten, en het publiek was inderdaad een beetje dood (waar ik stond in ieder geval). Gisteren zitplaatsen: iedereen stond en was mee aan het dansen! Zag inderdaad wel dat andere (zit)vakken stilletjes naar het optreden keken.
  2. Also, what I have noticed: if you buy them via your smartphone, you get first in line very fast! I managed to get in around 12:07.
  3. Site loaded around 09:00 perfect for me! I got two captchas wrong as well, though. Stressed me out pretty bad. But I managed to get three seated tickets next to each other, so I am happy.
  4. Ik heb ook zitplekken, omdat de vader van een vriendin meegaat (hij is super tof; afgelopen keren ben ik steeds met hen geweest), maar ik vind het best prima. Nu al zin in! En in de mail stond dat je bij elk kaartje een kopie van Drones krijgt! (hardcopy of download, mag je zelf kiezen geloof ik)
  5. Love your photos Matthijs! My new bucket-list thing to do is to make a beautiful star/sky at night picture.
  6. 2016 pas Hopelijk komen ze niet net terwijl ik op reis ben!
  7. Na een jaar ben ik er ook weer! Hoe gaat alles hier?
  8. Beautiful pictures, everyone! I've been to Disneyland last weekend and took my Canon with me. A few shots: Palace view by -eleonore, on Flickr Tigger parade by -eleonore, on Flickr Balloon patry by -eleonore, on Flickr Light festival by -eleonore, on Flickr Not sure if I like the last one though, because of all the noise in it.
  9. Lucy had the same idea as I had, only I didn't go through with it. So I voted hers.
  10. ^ Congrats! Liking the first pic. Sunny afternoon by -eleonore, on Flickr Close-up/Blur by -eleonore, on Flickr Redness overload by -eleonore, on Flickr Not sure if I like the last photo. Can't seem to capture the colour right, it looked way more red and bright IRL.
  11. Found a picture on my laptop I made last year. Something Blue by -eleonore, on Flickr
  12. This picture is not for the contest, but like to share anyway. Really wish I had lowered the angle a little bit, though.
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