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It would never happen. I think the band have a certain sense of common decency that would stop them. And Fall Out Boy's cover is good.


For me Dead Star is just Mamma Mia by ABBA now after the whole 2008 synth thing, I don't get how it sounds like MJ.

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While far too many people would disagree, Feeling Good is one of the best covers ever recorded.


I agree about Feeling Good. I'm not that keen on Please, Please, etc... or CTMEOY, but I think HOTRS is ace. But MJ, that would never happen, thank goodness.

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what about muse to tribute the king of pop music? what do you think? what are the songs you would like to heard muse`s version?


my suggestions:

- leave me alone

- earth song

- remember the time

- ghosts

- they don`t care about us

- beat it

- Stranger in Moscow

- black or white


please...I don't think muse could ever cover these songs...these are two worlds apart.

let the poor michael rest in peace now

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hey dudes.. my suggestion wasn`t muse to play, dance or sing like MJ.. just to do a version with their style.. just imagine "leave me alone" with matt`s voice and their peculiar rock style.. and "imagine all the people" :p..

well... i sucked anyway...boo 4 me... ;)



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i rewritten the lyrics so the names fit the duet.


"Thom, We're Not Going To Fight About This, Okay"


"Matt, I Think I Told You, I'm A Lover Not A Fighter"


"I've Heard It All Before, Thom. She Told Me That I'm Her Forever Lover, You Know, Don't You Remember"

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