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  1. I've been checking constantly the masters at Warner Chappell site and nothing yet. I'm starting to doubt if they'll ever come out.
  2. Hi, I know I might sound upset, but I just don't understand what is the point of crying for a big stadium setlist. It's taking the bar too high when we all know how Muse deal with their setlists. Yes, I'm hoping for some surprises too, but PLEASE, why asking for songs they don't want to play anymore like Take A Bow or Invincible? That is just making everybody angsty about it and in the end it might not happen (and of course, then all the claims and bullshit towards them comes). It's just not fair you know..
  3. Ricky and Seal pretty much nailed it. Delta can't pronounce well and Joel definitely sucked. Not a bad performance, but they better not repeat it.
  4. Bit late, but thank you for the bday smiley! :happy:


    Have a nice day sir.:D

  5. With their complex songwriting, progressive guitar chords, and explosive electronic orchestration paired with otherworldly lyrics, Muse has climbed to the higher echelon of rock stardom. In twenty years, it’s a safe bet that Muse will be considered as influential to bands of that generation as the Rolling Stones have to the bands of now. While Muse is truly an arena band with their larger-than-life sound, they are also a bunch of down-to-earth dudes who schedule their days and recording sessions around their family on both sides of pond. The band plays tonight at the Staples Center and Matthew Bellamy said in an interview with Kevin & Bean this morning that he considers it a “homecoming show” because both him and Dominic Howard have homes in both Los Angeles and London. Their bi-continental life seems to suit them. Bellamy jokes that he took America’s best women while Howard notes that while Muse composed their latest album The 2nd Law in London they also spent some time in Malibu recording the guitar parts for “Madness” in Rick Rubin’s sunny garden in Malibu. So, despite Muse’s British upbringing, they are familiar with the beauty of Southern California and Bellamy even raises his family with Kate Hudson here part-time. He said that his daily tour routine for the next few days will be his children acting as an alarm clock. “In LA, I just get woken up by the kids first thing in the morning,” laughed Bellamy, joking that he tells his kids he needs a break “until lunch at least” because he “didn’t finish partying until like 3am last night.” Even through their music, it’s evident that Muse has softened up a little. Kevin & Bean point out that their single “Madness” doesn’t sound anything like their old stuff and while the band reassures their fans that they have a lot of Muse-sounding songs on the The 2nd Law, the popularity of Bellamy’s favorite song “Madness” was a “real big surprise.” “We kind of took a risk with that one. We tried something completely different,” elaborated Bellamy. “To go straight off the bat with a song that’s kind of softer in nature rather than a big rockin’ track which is what we normally do…That song stands out because we tried to do something really minimal and stripped down. Not with all the epic sort of theatrics that we normally have. And I think we got it right in that song.” That’s not to say they won’t be including those epic theatrics in their live shows. Kevin & Bean joke that they’ve seen everything from the band and that they expect zombies next. Bellamy laughed, “I might be a bit of a zombie, seeing as how we’re doing this interview so early.” Starting one of their biggest North American tours soon, Muse tease that there will actually be an “upside down electronic pyramid” which will come and consume the band and eat them up and that there is a lot of personal interaction. Howard said that “Matt and Chris are running around more in the crowd.” Having the crowd feel a part of the performance is something that Muse feel strongly about. They’ve created a Muse 360 app that allows fans to watch a Muse’s concert at Reading Festival from different angles and have made efforts to deter scalpers from selling tickets to their “boring” rich people. “I hate [scalping] because you end up with an audience of people that spent all this money, crazy money and end up with basically a boring crowd,” said Bellamy. “People with more money tend to not rock out as hard. I’m not sure why that is.” Muse fans and KROQ listeners will be happy to know that the “ticketless ticket” effort that the band started in England has been implemented in America. In fact, Muse say that they owe their career in America to KROQ. Is their potential that Muse might become officially American citizens? Well, Bellamy confessed that they might play a Jimi “Hendrix-y” cover of the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the Staples Center like they did they did at their San Diego show. “Just instrumental. I feel like you have to be an American to sing it,” confessed Bellamy. “But you never know. I might be an American soon. So, you never know; I might be able to sing it.” It sounds like Muse is here to stay. Muse play January 26th, January 27th, and January 29th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. 2012′s The 2nd Law featuring “Madness” is now available on Helium 3/Warner. http://kroq.cbslocal.com/2013/01/23/muse-interview/ He is joking right? As always?
  6. For some reason I can't watch it. It shows me a blank image when I try to play it.
  7. @yurixlax MUSE on NTV Sukkiri #Muse http://t.co/vxPOLLIs
  8. They didn't include the booklet because of some copyrights problem, don't know exactly how was that, but that's what he told me. The first edition (CD) that is still selling is limited, it won't last too much and seriously, at the end they are releasing it, why the complaints now? It's going to cost you like a 100 pesos or less.
  9. I just talked with Muse's label manager from Warner Mexico. It turns out that there's going to be a new edition of the album with booklet included on sale in a couple of weeks, because yes.. I told him about this problem and yep, he wants this to cool down fans rage. And apparently there's going to be a jewel case edition in the entire continent, perhaps it contains the booklet and gets cheaper. And that's all I have for now, he went out to inform me about prices and stuff.
  10. Oh this is so... Weird! Isn't this the first time they release an album with no lyrics? And I meant it like, not coming from a special box. Who else doesn't have it? I am jelly too..
  11. I was reading reports from some Mexican fans who got early copies of T2L in stores, that none of them had booklets. Not CD or CD + DVD. The .mu boxset has it, but I was wondering if this is happening in other countries with those versions. I tried to read all the threads from here, but couldn't find anything similar, sorry if this was posted before.
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