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  1. Just a random Muse spotting, Im watching Insight on the ABC and someone in the audience is wearing a Muse TShirt.
  2. Hehe Just saw fellow Muser Nik-e ( I think that's her user name) on the party pics on the Triple J website!!
  3. haha It was That is so cool I did meet a Muse friend:D I'll have a suss of your photos now. I'll have to look through all my photos to see if your in any as I didn't put all my photos on facebook. I think your photo album is set to private coz it wont let me look at them
  4. ^^^ Wish I found some Muser friends while I was there. Are there any photos of the flag on here while it was in Perth? I saw a couple of girls with flag photos while in the crowd on Matts side. They had numbers all over there arms, pretty sure they were 34 and 35. I was wondering what they meant. Heres a link to my Muse photos on facebook, hope they work http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=270193&id=738788710
  5. Hey all, I'm shocked at how many pages we have now on this thread. So Muse was good but not the best on Sunday. I sorta felt as though I enjoyed this years BDO more and the Supreme Court Gardens back in 2007 was def the best. Highlights of the night - * Video killed the radio Star singalong, that was so fun. * Guitar smashing * Balloon wrestling, my boyfriend got me a chunk * Biffy Clyro were awesome. * Finally seeing the towers * Chris enjoying a fag or two on stage. Lowlights - * Shit setlist * General atmosphere was wierd * My guitar pick set box containing no picks! * Missing out on signing the flag * And having to drive home 3 hours away there fore getting home at 3 in the morning.
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