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    I'm very young, & I'm very much in love with this band.
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    Westminster 'Buke of Dom's Cockminster,' Maryland.
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    Muse, Paramore, Panic At The Disco, Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, The Apathy Eulogy, Desoto Jones, My Chemical Romance, The Cab, Lily Allen, Cobra Starship, Chiodos, Radiohead ;)
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    28 Days Later. Basically.
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    Doctor Who. Skins.
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    All studio albums and B-sides // acoustic versions.
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    Merriweather Post Pavilion, April 27, 2007

    FedEx Field, September 29, 2009

    Patriots Center, March 1st, 2010
  1. I just recently got my friend in love with Dom She doesn't really listen to Muse; she's always just listened/put up with my rambling about them, but recently she watched the Uprising video & said she loved the song. Recruiting!
  2. Aha :) That's always good!

  3. My mom says Undisclosed Desires is a 'Beyonce song.' With the funky intro, etc, I suppose. But everytime it comes on, she says it. And I can't even listen to it after that so I switch. Earlier, my dad was like: "They played Muse at the Dodger's game earlier." I'm like, "'the fuck?! :D Which one?" He goes, "...Victory." I'm like, "...Dad, its Uprising." He acts like he knows what he's talking about. Alas.
  4. Oh, and of course - at the Muse/U2 concert in MD I went to ( which I haven't talked about yet on this forum; I probably should), Bono called our boys The Muse. Yeah. Yeah, I cried a little.
  5. Bawh I love my thread. I haven't been on here in so long; there's been loads of amazing Muse-y stuff in my life since, most I can't remember... Well, for some: While listening to Unnatural Selection, my mom said she though 'droplets in the ocean' sounded like 'chocolates in the ocean' I just thought it was funneh. My dad sings The Resistance (poorly) whenever I have it on in the car. The day I went to teh Muse concert here in MD, my friends (all but one of whom don't even like Muse) and I threw a party at lunchh in school Baked goods with MUSE written on them... Oh, just fabulosity.
  6. Just spreading some muse love:musesign::musesign:

  7. I was extremely conflicted with this album. Of course, I was beyond excited and anxious for it, and I built it up so much in my head. I hadn't listened to any of the singles, samples, etc, so I had no idea of what to actually expect. First listening to it, I honestly didn't like it. Even from the get-go. I was greatly disappointed, quite sad & angry almost, that it wasn't what I wanted, or what I felt they were going to deliver. Got quite depressed actually But after listening to it numerous times through - something I knew I'd have to do to get used to it - I've fallen in love. Each song really grew on me, and I saw the bigger picture as well as the fine details. I began appreciating it, and now, loving it I think anyone who isn't sure how they feel about The Resistance, or genuinely don't like it, should listen to it a few times through. Numerous times, even. It gets better.
  8. yeah well when its summer lol but it can get to like 40 degrees and above here sometimes..SHOCK i know lol!! XD

  9. Ah! Very lucky :D

    Hope they don't mind the heat; reckon it's hot over in Australia?

    I've never been.

    /akward assumptions :chuckle:

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