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2018.05.25 BottleRock Music Festival - Napa, CA


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That sounds pretty clear to me although I'll let someone else in the actual country confirm.


I'll be at a concert of my own so I'll have to sit this one out. Hope someone records because these are never uploaded anywhere and I've lost some good recordings because of it.

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also Man Of Mystery but all my yes


Tbf, it's probably the best Unsustainable has ever sounded.


I remember 2015 being good, but I guess this is the first pro shot we’ve had in yonks so hard to compare

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I quite like unsustainable as a replacement for New Kind of Kick and other set fillers. I shows that these shows aren't just to promote the most recent singles and albums mixed up with a couple of classics for older fans. It just adds variation to the show, something that has almost disappeared :(.

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Unsustainable did sound very good, I think that's probably the best one yet. (Rome did sound good but we all know what happened to that...)


The audio of this concert sounds a lot better than most of their recent concerts, so that's good. Why did it take so long for them to come up with a better instrumental break though? Maybe because Matt wanted two without guitar, but Dracula Mountain instead of New Kind of Kick in the first place would have been amazingly better.


I still really want them to bring Invincible back (Survival too)

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As a bassist and a huge fan of guitars overall, the best part of Unsustainable for me was seeing Chris' sweet Status 5-string bass again.


I know he used the blue-LED one at the By Request show, but I much prefer this green-LED one, and I think this was it's first use since 2015.


Even if it's just to see and hear more of it, I agree I would love to see them use Unsustainable as the vocal break song a lot more instead of New Kind of Kick.

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1. How is Unsustainable in any way funk- like?

2. It is impossible to compare this with Arctic Monkey's lyrics because this song doesn't have any lyrics.

3. Arctic Monkeys are a completely different kind of band, so comparing them accurately is near on impossible.

4. I have no idea what lyrics you've been listening to if you think AM's are bad.

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