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  1. Biffy is too big for UK but I could see em supporting Muse in Europe. I'm 95% sure Yungblud will be the smaller support everywhere. He supported Muse at the recent gig and is playing the same day as Muse at Rock Werchter
  2. Tickets in USA are even more expensive than for example RHCP tickets were. You can't expect those to sell well. I just don't get it Maybe they figured out that Muse has a core of like 5-10k in every city that will always pay and that reducing ticket price won't get much more people in
  3. Those 2 usually do some silly pop song from the country they play in without much practice and that works when it's a silly song like Amadeus in Vienna or Jožin z bažin in Prague but you can't do that with Prince really
  4. Dead Star would get a huge reaction no matter if you know that one or not. Kinda like SS, that song always get a huge reaction and I feel like 50% of the people don't know that one. Or like Unsustainable at RiP show this year, nobody knew that one and it had big moshpits I think Matt and the rest should make a difference between those rarities and some pop/acoustic/slow songs. Fast, aggressive songs will get a huge reaction every time and hardcore fans would be happy
  5. If they keep these songs and just make them flow better this could be amazing
  6. Well at least make transitions if you want medleys. This is just several things shortened
  7. There was a famous graffiti in Belgrade saying "Kinezi mrš u Japan" which means "Chinese fuck off to Japan"
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