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  1. Well at least we know where that awful bass heavy tone came from, and it can't have been used just for pressure, it sound like it was one he used throughout the whole drones tour as well.
  2. He used a kaoss guitar for the medley at RAH which was weird. I'm glad he's stopped using the plain matt blacks so much, just got boring. Also, the tone is immense on that song.
  3. 100% agree. The ending of The Void has a similar vibe, but it comes nothing close to this. Also, did Matt know he was writing this for WWZ or did they ask for the rights to it afterwards?
  4. It'd be good if CE could become a more common song in the sets like it did on the Drones tour. Blackout always works out well for the stadiums. And big- Mental stage size, cost of the production with actors, massive fire chimneys and huge lighting.
  5. Can't imagine not enjoying it, haha! Really excited for SMBH and Pressure too. Hoping for a couple of rarer songs like The groove or showbiz to turn up, it just makes the setlist a little less predictable. Do you think it'll be as big as the Unsustainable tour?
  6. Well it looks like I’m going. It’s unbelievable but it’s gonna be my first muse gig considering how long I’ve been muse fan. Anyone got any ideas/thoughts on what the shows gonna be like?
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