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  1. Anyone else get a little bit of Muse's Popcorn cover in here?
  2. Gave it a good few listens whilst at work today. This might be the most 'fun' Muse album. Not the best, but its a weird and wacky blast. Plenty of surprises, but tonally consistent. Possibly the best since Black Holes. Algorithm: Great opener. Should open the gigs. Dramatic and atmospheric. Sets the tone. Alt version is Matt's latest audition to do a movie soundtrack. Very cinematic, but not tonally right for the actual album. The Dark Side: Loved this one from the first listen. Runs well off the previous track. Great rhythm and crowd-friendly chorus. Alt version is neat, but its not quite Hyper Chondriac Music. Pressure: I only wish the chorus was a tad heavier, but I really like everything else. Didn't care for the alt version. Propaganda: Now things get weird! Wasn't sure at first, but I'm into it now after a few listens. I'm down for the Prince vibes. Alt version doesn't really distinguish itself enough, but nice to have it slightly stripped back. Break It To Me: Weirder still! Something completely different, but I kinda love the eastern-influences and the Morello-esque bits. Wasn't keen on the alt version. Something Human: A bit of a comedown after a strong front 5 tracks. Just a bit meh. Weird, almost flatulence based, wubs. The stripped back alt version is an improvement. Thought Contagion: I quite like the attitude in the verses, but the chorus is a bit meandering, along with generic 'woahs'. Get Up and Fight: Now, I know this is the whipping boy, but I actually don't mind it! Maybe its the 00's pop punk nostalgia calling to me! Could do without the 'ahs'. Blockades: Oh my, yes! Deliciously apocalyptic! Love the pace and the 'Maps' drumming. There's a touch of Muse's cover of 'Popcorn' in there. And the drops are just SO MEATY! Dig Down: Madness 2, but not as good. I'm quite fond of the gospel version though! Love a gospel choir. Reminded me of Tender. The Void: Was kinda waiting for a crescendo that didn't quite arrive, but I get what they're going for. Moody, atmospheric closer. The acoustic version loses what makes it work. I was worried in the lead-up to this album that it'd be the first one I genuinely wouldn't like, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how it turn out!
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