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  1. I believe so yes - says on my order - pitch standing/unreserved level 1 seating. Edit: should add that it is for Manchester.
  2. I took the liberty of tweeting bbcglasto page - they stated the following. a) Pyramid Stage stream from 22:15 on bbc.co.uk/Glastonbury b) Full set from 23:15 on BBC two.
  3. Been done a million times...but New Born back in early 2001.
  4. Great gig! 11th time seeing them and still very impressed. Crowd in standing seemed into it all as well which is good to see. Our stand was all stood which also helps create a much better atmosphere . Fantastic all round. Left as soon as I heard the harmonica intro for Knights - seen that played countless times now and thought I'd take that opportunity to beat the traffic . Stage time: 08:30 - End time 10:30 - give for Muse's inevitable lateness to the stage.
  5. Not sure it will be a full on release? But It is currently climbing up through the Radio 1 playlist in the UK currently within next couple of weeks it'll jump up to the A list most likely.
  6. I said I believe they'd do the summer festivals again this tour and I still believe they'll be a headliner at Glastonbury 16. The tour dates so far end a week or 2 before Glastonbury so it sort of fits. Guess we will find out soon enough though.
  7. If I remember the figures correctly they only ever set out to sell 7200-7300 odd tickets for the Portland gig. So in actual sales terms they sold something like 95% of the tickets. So the intention I assume was not to try and sell the full arena.
  8. I think I remember reading that the resistance tour had a daily cost of around 175k. So we can assume this will be higher for the Drones tour. So daily costs could well be 350-450k (possibly) Which very quickly halves the 16 million. Add on all sorts of other stuff and it probably halves again. Still a good profit though!
  9. But the fact that the presale sold out pretty quickly is justification for charging that much. Demand is there so prices can be pushed up. After all its from the tours that earn them the money.
  10. All done and dusted. The delights of the presale - much easier to get hold of tickets. Glad I don't have to fight for tickets on Friday. Block 114 - Row S seats 8-9. £167 quid!!!! Well spent though.
  11. I'm thinking of going seated for this one. With what they have promised with the production I want to see this all from the best view which i think will be seated. Muse gigs are usually great in seated positions anyway so all good. I'm curious as to if they will add a second date in Manchester if the first sells out quickly. They have big enough spaces in between each gig so it could be a possibility of a Saturday date. Same with some of the other gigs.
  12. A stadium tour is really viable in the future. As others have said they've done so for all recent albums. Most likely into 2017 summer though. But looking forward to picking up Manchester tickets on Wednesday.
  13. Great news. They released the album and the UK have had nothing else since then so nice to see them return to do some promo in the UK! Also the possibility of Revolt due to the single release. My guess is that the single must be for release around that time.
  14. Sales currently bottomed out at around 2400 weekly now. Hopefully it'll stay like this for a few months now and maybe get a bit of a boost as we get the release of Revolt.
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