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  1. 1. Guiding Light 2. Freeform Blues Jam 3. Guiding Light 4. Big Freeze 5. Instant Messenger 6. Guiding Light 7. Guiding Light (acoustic) 8. Big Freeze 9. Guiding Light 10. Isolated System 11. 3 Hour Drum and Bass Jam 12. Guiding Light 13. Guiding Light 14. Drones [encore] 15. Guiding Light 16. Big Freeze 17. Guiding Light
  2. Pressure sounds like it was recorded on someone's iPhone 3g. Hungry sounds bangin' though.
  3. Great, another £80 to stand a mile away from them... they'd better do some real venues.
  4. I like: "I'll carry the burden and take the strain And when I am done I will make you pay" As if he knows that he's still gonna milk money out of us regardless of what they release. Depressing but funny, really.
  5. JimmyCake

    Static - EP

    Hey everyone, I actually haven't been on here in a while (personal shizz) but, seeing as my band have an EP out next week, I thought I'd share and see if any fellow Musers would be interested. Got a big launch night in East London on Saturday 21st July too with some awesome support and a copy of the EP for only a fiver. Check us out pleeeease. (We need the support!!) http://www.facebook.com/staticmusic3 http://www.static-music.bandcamp.com \m/
  6. JimmyCake

    Dig Down

    Link? Anyone? The links on the site take me to further links to Spotify/iTunes etc. but they take me nowhere!
  7. The Small Print Muscle Museum Futurism Yes Please Eternally Missed All COMPLETELY unrealistic
  8. JimmyCake

    Reapers 7"

    Bit annoyed at this...supposed to be an RSD exclusive and now anyone can get it without even trying
  9. Yeah. I understand why they play the "crowd pleasers" but they should really throw in a few for the hardcore fans. Personally, I'm bored of Starlight, PIB, TIRO, SBH and Madness. I get that the "greatest hits" fans need that to be happy but come on, I've payed £70 for something different. It's got to a point that I was actually excited when they played the Prelude and thought they'd play Survival! The only highlights for me were CE and the Excecution riff - that's it! No TSP? Muscle Museum? Hyper Music? They're taking the piss now... I agree with what everyone was saying regarding the atmosphere - no one around me knew The Globalist at all! I was the only one that was head banging and jumping around during the riff whilst everyone was looking around not knowing what the hell was going on! It seems that Muse are becoming the new U2...
  10. Meh. Performance, effects and show where good - getting bored of the set list though... Happy to CE and the execution commentary riff but all too predictable again :/
  11. I hope you guys won't mind if my friend joins me in the queue. He's having to work later than planned today - I'll be lining up much earlier you see
  12. [JFK] Uprising (Extended) Agitated Reapers Interlude + Hysteria Supermassive Black Hole New Born EDIT: (+ Microphone Fiend ending) The Handler Animals Micro Cuts Invincible Panic Station Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Futurism Eternally Missed MK Ultra The Small Print Assassin (Grand Omega Bosses) Unnatural Selection KoC Encore: [Drill Sergeant] Psycho Dead Star Stockholm Syndrome (Mayan 2015 Ending) One can only wish...
  13. They played Defector early on in the tour (at least anyway)
  14. I've spent days thinking about this... Ahem: Showbiz: Escape Origin: Citizen Erased Absolution: The Small Print Black Holes: Invincible Resistance: Unnatural Selection T2L: Panic Station Drones: Wevolt lol jk The Handler
  15. I cannot sleep...THERE'S TOO MUCH NOISE IN MY HEEEAAAAADDD!!!!!!
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