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    London Benefit

    So do I but I'm happy for all the people who can. It's going to be a great night!
  2. maturefan

    Dig Down

    I couldn't play the video so I paid 99p to listen to the song on Google Play. It wasn't worth that much.
  3. maturefan

    Dig Down

    Majestic ballad? If it's anything like Globalist I'll be very happy.
  4. maturefan

    Dig Down

    Where can I listen online? If I don't like it, I'm not buying it. If it's on a future album I'll own it then. If not, I won't feel I've missed anything.
  5. I didn't read the Ts and Cs but they let me enter with a Cardiff UK postcode.
  6. maturefan

    Belfast Vital

    You lucky people! I hope to be in Belfast later this year but can't go in August.
  7. He certainly is! I will get excited when they announce they are working on a new album. I was lucky to see them last year and the year before so I'd rather they play a few places they left out on the Drones tour and write and record new material before embarking on another major tour.
  8. The British are notorious for knocking down anyone who becomes very famous. Craig David and James Blunt are two highly talented musicians it became fashionable to hate. I think it's the same with Muse. I don't know whether this happens on other countries.
  9. Does 'Seat of luxury' just mean a seat?
  10. I'd love it is Muse did an acoustic album but I'm not a big fan of hip-hop. I do have Lauren Hill's solo album which is superb. Yeah, why should Americans give a shit about Brexit? I'd like to think Matt and Dom would have voted for the candidate who wasn't racist and misogynistic but I won't lose sleep over wondering who they did vote for.
  11. I'd rather see them live though I did go to the cinema to watch the film of the Rome gig on the T2L tour. No atmosphere whatsoever.
  12. What I was thinking of was a year extra of 4 or 5 shows a month to give more people a chance to see them but I think all the pros and cons of this have already been discussed here.
  13. And the thread is officially dead once someone starts reposting previous posts without adding anything new.
  14. I haven't heard it because I rarely use Spotify but recently signed up for the 60-day free trial of Premium.
  15. I hate Uno. I love, or at least like, everything else.
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