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5 songs you want to see live at least once

Spectrum IV

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That's the joke.


Simpsons :chuckle:


Highly doubt I'll ever see Muse again so this is a bit irrelevant, but Hyper Chondriac Music would top my list, probably followed Futurism and Fury (yeah, fuck you Zepp), with Showbiz and then either Dead Star or Micro Cuts. Exo Part III wouldn't be far behind though, and this is obviously going on the basis that I've already see Bliss and Citizen Erased which would have been in there otherwise. I'd never tire of Citizen Erased live though obviously.

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1. Take A Bow

2. Unintended

3. Dead Star

4. Any part of Exogenesis (but if I get to pick, part 3)

5. Showbiz


I was lucky enough to see Unnatural Selection in Nashville last hear, which is something I never thought I'd see! :D

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