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    2 June 2013 - Horse Guards Parade in London, UK

    26 September 2015 - Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore

    6 December 2015 - Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV, USA (canceled - did not attend)

    3 June 2016 - Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany

    6 June 2016 - Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany

    16 December 2017 - Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, NSW, Australia
  1. god i hope the set wont be like todays KROQ show. should we all post a request(s) to them on ig or something
  2. Will we expect setlist changes in Europe? Will the more elusive songs like Assassin, Hyper Music, or anything from Showbiz return? I'm travelling nearly 10000km to see you guys in June, I sure hope they will!
  3. not saying I am definitely sure, but Chris has mentioned Australia would be from mid to end of 2016 in interviews. And knowing they traditionally end off their World Tours with Australia this may be a short world tour. Regarding the Asia leg in July, I think financially for them it would be a beneficial move. The short Asian leg of 6 gigs in September this year were all sold out or nearly sold out and it was not even with the 360 stage, whereas so far in the United States sales have been mediocre despite the money put into the elaborate stage, such as Phoenix only selling 6000+ tickets according to billboard. In addition, tickets to the Asian gigs mostly cost quite much more than the tickets to the US gigs. Thus, it would be not that all surprising to me that they opt to not do a second leg for the US, considering they haven't done a formal gig in Tokyo, Taiwan and some other countries they had visited before and how the reception has honestly been quite lacklustre (so far at least)
  4. Yup haha, wanted to experience the 360 stage since I doubt they will bring it here! I am staying at MGM and actually only landing in Vegas on the morning of the 6th; I'm really intent on getting to the barrier though so I'll see how things go! Hope to see you there! Anyway, although its my 5th time in Vegas I have really hazy memories of Mandalay Bay. How's the queue situation? Is it in the casino?
  5. anybody intending to queue at mandalay bay early?
  6. Haha thanks, that's comforting to know! I know its a longshot but it'd be amazing to see them around Vegas and maybe get a pic together, or maybe a setlist or something but can't wait to see the 360 stage in person!
  7. Guys, I will be getting general admission and I'm actually coming from Asia haha, saw them earlier in September and was kinda disappointed by the show tbh.. But anyway does anyone have advice on how early I should queue to get relatively close to the stage considering its 360? Because on the 6th I only land in Vegas at like 9am so...
  8. Aha. Will you be attending the gig in Singapore?
  9. oh shit, i basically just posted one a minute before you!!
  10. Muse are returning to the Indoor Stadium after 5 years to play in singapore! Source: http://muse.mu/news,new-tour-dates-in-asia_1644.htm and http://www.facebook.com/muse Presale of Tickets start on Wed, 10 June, 10AM (GMT+8, SG time) Regular sale of tickets start on Thurs, 11 June, 10AM (GMT+8, SG time)
  11. Munich Jam. Helsinki Jam - First performed in Helsinki Osaka Jam - First performed in Osaka Monty Jam - First performed in Montpellier Shouldn't Munich be the same? It was named after the location, not the event.
  12. Come to Singapore!! Please :< You guys forgot us for T2L tour The only time I got to see you guys was in London 2 years ago for the WWZ premiere and I was so sad I couldn't catch your Emirates gig!! those 7 songs were enough to leave me with a craving for more that has only manifested more and more to this day! So hyped watching the videos of the psycho tour!
  13. is it weird that I find the we are the universe/uprising intro awesome? but anyway, top 5 that I havent already heard live 1) New Born 2) United States of Eurasia 3) Blackout 4) I Belong To You 5) Apocalypse Please
  14. tbh, really hope to hear supremacy and panic station again. only got the honour of hearing it live once last year.
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