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  1. It exists! Thanks for the pic. Gutted I missed out on these, would've been a nice souvenir from the best night of my life
  2. Hey guys, ever since the 2017 Shepherd's Bush Empire gig I've been looking for that event t-shirt but unfortunately there's absolutely no trace of it online, I'm even starting to doubt it existed in the first place... So trying my luck here now, if anyone managed to grab one and is willing to part with it I'm happy to pay... if not, at least a picture would be nice, as I don't even remember what it looked like anymore 😂 Cheers!
  3. Omg this is you wife?

  4. I'm selling two seated tickets for this show, for details please check my post on musebay. Cheers!
  5. #2 you chose the Mělník power station a few km north of Prague as a place for the Revolt video shoot. As someone who lives about an hour from this place i have to ask - how on Earth did you find that place and decided to go and shoot a video there???
  6. #1 Are you ever going to publish any of the footage you were archiving at Dom's house two years ago?
  7. Muse aren't as popular in my country as in the rest of Europe so if there's anyone who knows lyrics to all the songs and sings along and moves a bit it's mainly people from abroad who stand in front rows. In 2012 i was in 2nd row, surrounded by people from Germany, Israel, Poland etc... The rest is there for Madness, PiB and Starlight We'll see in June if anything's changed. As for Germany, I've been to 4 Muse gigs there, always barrier, and the crowd was pretty chilled tbh. I think the best ones are in the UK - Manchester 2013 was ace. Danish crowd was pretty wild as well - Matt's comment "this is the first time I've seen a moshpit during Madness" speaks for itself
  8. I think fees are not included in the price, but since you'll save on delivery you have nothing to worry about. To answer Arcanom's question: i've never heard about the ticketstoday shop before but I'm pretty sure it's not based in the czech republic, therefore prices for delivery and other fees might be a bit higher. I'll be buying from ticketportal as I've already had a good experience with them PS: please note that I'm not sure how international orders on this site work. They might charge you more for whatever reason, but hopefully the print @ home option is for everyone. Just saying that to make sure no one's going to kill me if i accidentally gave them wrong info
  9. Update: So standing tickets are 1490 CZK after all (55€), 1st category seating (lower tier) 1690 CZK (63€), so I'm guessing 1290 is indeed for the upper tier seats. Seating chart: http://static.ticketstoday.com/muse/images/Muse-O2-2015-01.jpg
  10. 1290 CZK is the price for a standing ticket, our gigs are very cheap compared to other countries, yet people still complain it's too expensive... Anyway, you should be able to print your ticket after purchase, the "HOMEticket" button under the muse logo says so
  11. I'll never understand why they didn't do that at least once in The Resistance era. It's not like they couldn't afford a whole orchestra to play with them....
  12. also Exo part 3 was only played once, oddly enough during The 2nd law tour in Japan
  13. well, they've got to kick the tour off somewhere don't they? pretty sure they'll do a bunch of gigs in North America after the rumoured SA leg and then in 2016.
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