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I'm going to be very upset if they do anything special for the Coachella crowd. Not only is it known for being one of the worst next to Warped Tour, it's a lot of money for a meh lineup.


For $225, I was able to go to Austin City Limits which has a better venue, better management, better food and I was able to see

*Arctic Monkeys

*Franz Ferdinand

*The Cure

*Lionel Richie

*Depeche Mode


*Atoms for Peace

and a ton of great little bands.


I just can't justify the $350 + tax pricing and even if it is the special show, I will resentfully go.

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Nah, it's a good one.


Good for Coachella maybe. Friday is awful. Saturday could be better and they'll find a way to screw it up with the schedule so it'd end up being bad anyways. Sunday is not very good either.


Factoring in the cost and the location, it's a terrible value considering the headliners are nowhere near as good as ACL and I bet Bonnaroo is going to be great as well.

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I absolutely hate festivals, and Coachella DOES tend to be one of the worst in my experience.


I'd still go more than likely, if it wasn't a dual weekend deal.


No way I could afford to be down there for both, and I'm sure I would pick the wrong one. :supersad:


Will be officially enraged if this ends up being a special set.

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