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  1. For when they come to Australia: Assassin Take A Bow Apocalypse Please MM Showbiz Showbiz, MM and Assassin are probably highly unlikely but I've already heard Map, B&H, Bliss, CE and Sunburn at least once.
  2. I could die quite happily if over two gigs I got Stockholm, Map, AP, TaB, Bliss, CE, B&H and Blackout. But I'd also be quite pissed off if I went to night 1 or 5 and got ripped off. I feel like they're almost there, the rotations are good and spread throughout (instead of being stuffed into the pre-piano section). The only problems are the length and the fact that some nights get completely screwed over. Also, what's this rubbish about the DI barrier walk being back? Thought that crap was behind us. So he's guitarless for DI, UD, Uprising, Starlight and blackout now?
  3. Take A Bow, B&H, Map and Blackout in the same set is pretty impressive. Shame blackout is the 2013 version, would it be so hard for Matt to grab a guitar for the solo like he does during Uprising? Matt just seems to hate the piano lately.
  4. Wow night 1 got screwed. Wonder if New Born will pop up in Stockholm's place one of the nights. Guiding Light was soundchecked? wat. Edit: I also wonder what piano song will make a return for night 4.
  5. Showbiz Bliss Stockholm Map (barely over CoD) MK Ultra Animals Reapers (Barely over DI)
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