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  1. Ticket for Reykjavik still available?



  2. 1. how long is the Drones tour going to be? till next year or does it end somewhere this year?
  3. Thanks! i hope i will get one online of course but if all fails i know i could try that still.
  4. have no money left anymore lol. so hope to get a ticket for this later on.. does anyone know if it's really true that people with spare tickets sell them in front of the venue too?
  5. i got tickets for first 2 london shows but no money for the other 2. aarghh i really hope i can get them somewhere else when i have money for it.
  6. I've been to Ziggo Dome too many times, and there are no seats behind the stage, because there is actual stage even in ziggo. every band brings their own stage there.
  7. If they going to play from february - april here i might say september an announcement? but it's also possible somewhere in june, around album release. i think of these 2 things are possible.
  8. so far i have seen 2 timeschedules from festivals Muse will play (i think one of the french fesitvals and Rockavaria next in Munich) and they are scheduled to play 2 hours at both. Foo Fighters broadcast on sunday will be 1 hour as well. i believe that's the normal length for bbc radio 1 big weekend headliners.
  9. How is it even possible to judge an album if you haven't heard it entirely yet? the descriptions doesn't say much, because everyone has their own interpretation of things.
  10. reviews... so far seeing different descriptions of the songs, like The Aftermath... i was excited when i read about it having bit Hendrix in there. sounds like it could be a very nice song. I think this album will end up having, Psycho, Reapers, The Handler, Defector, The Globalist, maybe The Aftermath... as ''rock'' songs. so that's not too bad? also i agree, heavy doesn't mean good. i mean, yes, Dead Inside, Mercy are bit more pop. but Dead Inside sounds sort of ''dark'' in sound. Mercy sounds most poppy i would say. It's still heavier than Starlight i would say. Also really interested in Drones.. sound really interesting to me. Revolt i have no idea, could be either terrible or great. with or without you is a nice song, but the comparisons and descriptions, like i said, seem to change in every review.
  11. exactly what i feel about this song too now. At first i was like this is definitely not going to be good. but after reading it again... i think it could be either a good/great song or it's going to be terrible. With or Without you is a nice song. Big Freeze isn't like that song.. so don't think it's going to be Big Freeze kind of song.. but who knows anyway..
  12. I managed to get a single seat like 40 minutes ago.. no standing though. at least i have a ticket now! i will still try for standing, if i do end up getting standing tickets in the end i will have a spare.. but for now i will have to deal with a seat. at least i will be in the building!
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