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  1. Hey, you're welcome! I don't know if it was very helpful but I got really upset about the outrageous prices. Hope you can see them after all. All the best,


  2. Yeah, you too! Such a fun night :)

  3. re: your signature


  4. Never been better... lol, not really.

    Thank you anyway. Anything up?

  5. Some love for my favourite Hannah. <3 You are ridiculously adorable.

  6. Happy birthday Ed :party:

    Hope you have (had) a good one.

  7. Thanks a lot for your birthday message! :)

  8. I enjoyed everything about Strasbourg, it was a decent concert. Would go there again anytime. Cheers

  9. :dom: (the closest sign to 'duh' I could find).

    You're the best. <3

  10. I wrote that prayer by the way!

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