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  1. For when they come to Australia: Assassin Take A Bow Apocalypse Please MM Showbiz Showbiz, MM and Assassin are probably highly unlikely but I've already heard Map, B&H, Bliss, CE and Sunburn at least once.
  2. I could die quite happily if over two gigs I got Stockholm, Map, AP, TaB, Bliss, CE, B&H and Blackout. But I'd also be quite pissed off if I went to night 1 or 5 and got ripped off. I feel like they're almost there, the rotations are good and spread throughout (instead of being stuffed into the pre-piano section). The only problems are the length and the fact that some nights get completely screwed over. Also, what's this rubbish about the DI barrier walk being back? Thought that crap was behind us. So he's guitarless for DI, UD, Uprising, Starlight and blackout now?
  3. Take A Bow, B&H, Map and Blackout in the same set is pretty impressive. Shame blackout is the 2013 version, would it be so hard for Matt to grab a guitar for the solo like he does during Uprising? Matt just seems to hate the piano lately.
  4. Wow night 1 got screwed. Wonder if New Born will pop up in Stockholm's place one of the nights. Guiding Light was soundchecked? wat. Edit: I also wonder what piano song will make a return for night 4.
  5. Showbiz Bliss Stockholm Map (barely over CoD) MK Ultra Animals Reapers (Barely over DI)
  6. I was thinking the same thing Love the little squealy sustains he does during the intro and verses. Reminds me of some of the early Starlight performances.
  7. Eh, the gigs could be a lot worse. Map, AP and CE all in the same set for the states is pretty impressive. Even the Resistance/UD rotation makes a lot of sense. Map as a staple is the best thing they've done. I think it's more the length over the actual contents that's dragging the sets down.
  8. Showbiz: Sober - Escape - Overdue, pretty obvious choice Origin of Symmetry: Darkshines - Feeling Good - Megalomania, don't really like Feeling Good wedged between the two dark serious songs. Absolution: The Small Print - Endlessly - TOADA, I don't mind endlessly, just not too fond of the other two, and Endlessly is a bit of an oddball in the middle. Black Holes & Revelations: Soldier's Poem - Invincible - Assassin, apologies to Assassin, this album is all-around brilliant but SP and Invincible are probably the weakest on the album The Resistance Eurasia - Guiding Light - Unnatural Selection, Although Eurasia is probably the best piano-led track they've done in the last 2/3 albums, but Guiding Light is inexcusable and US is just a cheap knock-off New Born. Drones Aftermath - The Globalist - Drones, bleh, disappointing end to the album imo.
  9. How much did he actually use the Keytar during the song on TR tour anyway? It was pretty boring imo on TR tour with matt standing behind the mic playing a few parts on the keytar. Much preferred it on T2L tour when it actually seemed to serve a purpose. Still boring af though.
  10. Wasn't Megalomania a one-off at the RAH simply because of the organ there? And Space Dementia was at V fest and 2-4 other South American gigs. But on the topic of putting an album to sleep, is anybody surprised by how extinct T2L is becoming in the setlists. The only T2L that is around is Madness. That's the most songs dropped off the previous album between touring cycles. Even worse than the BHAR-TR transition.
  11. "Best crowd" is a loose term. But overall the most well-rounded crowd is probably the Japanese. One of the only crowds I've seen that are dead silent through songs like Exogenesis & Hoodoo. But as far as most energetic crowd, probably one of those South American crowds.
  12. semi-Realistic worst case scenario full-length arena gig [Drones] Psycho Dead Inside (no guitar) New Born (no piano intro/slowed down) Man with a harmonica + Knights of Cydonia Resistance Explorers Bliss intro tease + Feeling Good Follow Me Munich Jam Madness Undisclosed Desires Guiding Light JFK + Revolt Save Me Aftermath Time is Running Out Uprising (no guitar) [Drones] Blackout (no guitar) Unintended (No guitar) Soldier's Poem (No guitar) Mercy Starlight (no guitar)
  13. 1. Dead Inside - Amazng tune, a highly improved Madness. Definitely grew on me. Love the desperation in some of the lyics - 9.5/10 2. Psycho - There's pats of it that I love and parts I wish would hurry up. Not really the perfect song to put 03050 riff in. Seems like a good opener - 7.5/10 3. Mercy - I view it as an improved Starlight, but it's nothing special - 6.5/10 4. Reapers - Favourite off the album, loved it the minute from those poor quality psycho gig youtube videos came out. - 10/10 5. The Handler - Really reminiscent of 'old muse' and what I had in mind when they said a "back to their roots album" - 9.5/10 6. Defector - Love it off the JFK speech (lol muse) and I like the "Queen" bits. But idk if it's memorable enough for me - 7/10 8. Revolt - When I first heard it I was like wtf, but it's grown on me a little bit. - 6/10 9 Aftermath - Eh Is all i have to say - 4.5/10 10. The Globalist - Given how hyped up this was it was a let down, considering the beginning is a complete classical copy of Morricone, the middle section sounds uninspiring and the ending piano sounds horrifically reminiscent to Explorers. I like it, just could've been better. - 7/10 11. Drones - Eh, it's alright but nothing fantastic - 4/10
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